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Confronting Corporate Power

Confronting Corporate Power

To effectively address climate change it is essential that we put the fight against corporate capitalism front and center. Our economic system’s need for ever-expanding production, consumption, and profit puts it inherently at odds with any vision for a just, sustainable world. We do not seek to do away with fossil fuels and other sources of greenhouse gases only to find ourselves in a world of solar-powered sweatshops and hybrid logging trucks.

If we do not interrupt the cycles of resource extraction and over-consumption that drive the corporate marketplace, we will push ourselves, and millions of other species, beyond the carrying capacity of our planet. Finding real and just solutions to the climate crisis means putting the needs of the Earth and people before the needs of corporations.

It’s also important to expose “false solutions” to climate change, like nuclear power, agro-fuels, genetically engineered trees and carbon trading. These technologies aggravate social and environmental injustices, and are dangerous distractions that take us farther away from addressing the root causes of climate change. Rising Tide uses education and creative actions to expose these false solutions for what they are.

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