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USE ME! Essentially, this is a catch all for everything. This is probably the ONLY category where things that are not directly related to Rising Tide affiliates/allies should go. For example if a coal company goes out of business (and we didn’t directly cause it) it should probably only go here.


Build The Climate Justice Movement In 2015

There is good news for the climate. And there is bad news for the climate. The good news is that movements for climate justice and action are growing. From the Pacific Northwest to the eastern plateau of Utah to Vermont and the streets of New York, we’ve mobilized against the fossil fuel industry, the big money behind it and the politicians that love it. We’ve blocked oil trains in Seattle and Oregon. We joined in actions against the first U.S. tar sands mine in Utah.…

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Resistance and Solidarity at COP20, Lima

An answer to the climate crisis is emerging right now from Lima, Peru, but it’s not COP20. At COP 20, political elites haggled over a draft UN climate deal that they hope to ratify next year in Paris. It’s a bad deal. It is narrowly focused on unenforceable commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Those reductions won’t even begin till after 2020 and won’t keep temperature rises below two degrees celsius. At the same time, rich countries, and the corporate lobbyists behind them, worked for a deal…

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Ecuadorian Authorities Target Climate Activists, Caravana Climatica

For Immediate Release Rising Tide Press Contacts: Scott Parkin, 415-235-0596 (U.S. mobile) [email protected] Cristian Guerrero: +593 983004458 [email protected] Chris Eaton, +51 989025127 [email protected] Ecuadorian Authorities Target Climate Activists, Caravana Climatica Rising Tide Mexico Member Facing Serious Charges Lima, Peru– Last week, the Ecuadoran government harassed a group of climate activists with La Caravana Climatica and then confiscated their bus on their way to the United Nations climate talks in Lima, Peru. Later authorities charged the driver, Cristian Guerrero, for driving with the wrong permits which…

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Caravana Climatica

Dispatch From Lima: Climate Justice At COP20

Cross-posted from chriseaton [dot] net Dear ones and fellow travelers, I arrived safely in Lima Wednesday night, but even before I got here the grave challenges and inspiring opportunities of the COP20 United Nations climate negotiations had set into full swing. I’m traveling here on behalf of Rising Tide North America to organize actions and communications for climate justice. La Caravana Climatica On Tuesday Ecuadoran police repeatedly harassed our friends with the Caravana Climática (Climate Caravan) as they headed to Peru on the last leg of their…

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