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Oil Train Blockade

Oil Train Opponents Blockade Tracks At Port Westward, OR

Clatskanie, OR—Climate justice activists, local Clatskanie farmers, and oil train opponents from all over Columbia County are blockading the tracks that lead to Port Westward on the Columbia River. The blockade consists of a 20-foot-high tripod of steel poles, its apex occupied by 27-year-old Portland Rising Tide activist Sunny Glover. Any train movement would risk her life, as would any attempt to remove her from the structure. A banner suspended from the tripod reads: “Oil trains fuel climate chaos.” She has vowed to stay as…

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Seattle Activists Mount Tripod – Stop Exploding Oil Trains

UPDATE 3:32pm PDT: Abby has been extracted after an epic 8 hour blockade. Donate to get all five awesome climate defenders out of jail! Five residents of Seattle and Everett, WA, working with Rising Tide Seattle, have stopped work at a Burlington Northern Santa-Fe Rail Yard in Everett by erecting a tripod-structure on the outbound railroad tracks, directly in front of a mile-long oil train. Follow Rising Tide Seattle for live updates on Facebook and Twitter. Seattle resident Abby Brockway – a small business owner, and mother –…

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Tar Sands Protest Marks Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Anniversary

Area residents opposed to the shipment of oil extraction and refining equipment up the Columbia River marked the one year anniversary of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill with a rally in Hood River on Wednesday. Organizers with climate justice group Rising Tide brought a festive atmosphere to the with colorful kayaks, flags, and kites. The event brought together indigenous speakers from Alberta and British Columbia, as well as representatives from affected communities along the Columbia. It was affiliated with an international “Day of Action against Extraction” marking the Gulf oil spill anniversary.

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Downtown Portland Wells Fargo and Bank of America transformed into climate crime scenes

Sunday afternoon a group of around 40 individuals marched through downtown Portland equipped with chalk, caution tape, and mud. The group paid a visit to the Bank of America on SW 5th and Stark and a Wells Fargo on SW 6th and Morrison, and created a climate crime scene on and around these banks. Signs were taped all over the widows reading “Closed for Climate Crimes”, “Deposit here, fund coal” and images of coal extraction. The group covered the sidewalks with body outlines and chalked…

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