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Subject: MNN Science of sexual abuse of Indigenous children
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Date: Sun, September 7, 2008 8:17 am

By Karakwine & MNN Staff

MNN. Sept. 7, 2008. Pedophilia is a violent sexual attack on children. Pedophilia is a covert criminal activity used globally by the elites. The clerical collar and the nun’s robes have been the perfect cover. It has long been a product of the strategies used by the elite to control and dominate the rest of the population. A small minority of human beings [2 to 3%] has no compunction about destroying and killing people to make it to the top of the European-style hierarchy. Governments, judiciary, the police and the Catholic and other Christian churches colluded in this well thought out system of debauchery. It did not happen randomly. Our children were snatched and put in residential schools, debased and many were killed.

The elite foisted their depravity on us to weaken and destroy us. These vulgar, immoral and violent acts were meant to bring down our normal healthy self-esteem for many generations to come. We were conditioned to blur the difference between lust and decency. As the owners of the land and resources they coveted, they needed to weaken us, turn us into victims and kill us off. They had to remove us so they could turn Onowaregeh/Turtle Island into a “terra nullius”, a land with no inhabitants.

The program for the mainstream public is different. They are being conditioned to accept treatment as cannon fodder for the irrational connivance of the elite. An example of conditioning is the 2007 Vanity Fair photos of adolescent actor, Miley Cyrus, and her father, Billy Ray Cyrus. This seductive photo of the girl lying across her father’s lap, both dressed provocatively, suggests that the public is being prepared to cross another moral line. Incest! As a 15 year old “commodity”, Miley Cyrus is a victim too! Even flesh colored baby diapers are designed to make little babies look naked. The internet is satisfying perverted lusts showing men having sex with babies. Babies are sacrificial lambs worldwide.

The top players in such a sick scenario are never caught or called to account. They have their “official” apparatus in place to protect themselves and their minions. Vile perversions are their drug of choice. George Bush Sr., an eastern establishment blue-blood, while he was U.S. President, was touched by a whiff of scandal involving young boys. [ FranklinCoverup/franklin.htm]

Whenever a scandal involving children breaks out, all avenues of inquiry are shut down. Only the low level perpetrators go to jail. The Detroux affair in Belgium is an example. [] That monster kidnapped and sodomized hundreds of children and murdered an unknown number. He had 7 villas in Belgium where he tortured, drugged and produced snuff and porn films. Then he killed the little girls and hid their bodies. His wife helped procure many of the children for him. He said at his trial in 2004 that he had accomplices among police officers, businessmen, doctors and high level politicians. None of the officials who perpetrated this perversion were touched. He, his wife and two accomplices are serving long jail sentences.

Dutroux is small potatoes compared to the murderous rampage carried out by the Canadian government, Catholic, Presbyterian, Anglican and United churches FOR OVER A CENTURY!!! Nobody went to jail for murdering over 50,000 Indigenous children in the residential school “torture dungeons”. Not one person! This is a perversion of justice. Our children were victims of medical experiments, rape, sodomy, starvation, floggings and strangulations. Children were coerced to kill other children and then bury them. Several skeletons of newborn babies were found in school furnaces.

The children were rounded up and sent to judges, police, politicians and professionals to be sexually exploited. The residential school program supplied our children in pedophile rings to men in high places who had a taste for very young brown skinned kids. In the book “Where Eagles Dare to Soar”, the author, Kevin White, said that they preferred to abuse our kids because they got a kick out of degrading our naturally healthy attitude about ourselves.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper did say, “Sorry” and then swept it all under the rug. The Canadian government seems to think that the reparation money they’ve paid out is the price they have to pay to continue raping us. In the subconscious minds of the elite, paying their victims is like going to a brothel and paying for sex. Our kids are in grave danger. In Vancouver and other western cities there are still streets where men go to have sex with little native children. Vancouver is turning into Canada’s Thailand where foreign men go on “sex junkets” for little brown skinned kids.

It is alleged that Boston Massachusetts is the pedophile capital of the U.S. This is where the Catholic church was exposed over priests abusing little boys for decades and being covered up and protected by the church. The church used religion as a sideline to carry out perversion, extract money from the people and to keep their flock dumbed down and forever victimized.

The establishment learn early the science of subjugating helpless kids and people. Normal humanity is systematically conditioned out of them and replaced with a cold merciless mindset. The ivy league schools where the upper crust send their children trains them to look down on those they think are the “unwashed masses”.

They are guaranteed top positions to run their criminal cartel. We all know how difficult it is for us “normals” to get a decent job in their hierarchy unless we are willing to become depraved. For most of us the glass ceiling is very low. We constantly hit our heads on it. It doesn’t matter how much formal education we get.

The set up is deliberate. The kids who have been escaping the social chaos caused by the residential school “brothel” program have been funneled into Canadian cities for decades. It was obvious that safe houses and hospices were needed for these extremely vulnerable young people. Instead of providing protection and support, officials turned a blind eye. They paved the way for pig farmers like Picton in Vancouver to snatch and “disappear” them on a massive scale over a long period of time. The cops also refuse to investigate the disappearance of over 500 Indigenous young women.

Child abductions and suffering of our children and our families appear to be a sexual turn-on for these degenerates. They thirst to subjugate the human race. The fact that drugs so readily come into our communities unabated points to the main culprit-the government. They want to help create a cowering and submissive Indigenous People. This goes against our natural order. In the long run it isn’t going to work. Many drug and alcohol riddled communities are now cleaning up.

The public were shocked when they learned the truth about the collusion between governments, police and the church. When will we see popes, presidents, Canadian prime ministers, top judges, top police, senators, members of parliament, all levels of clergy and CEOs go to jail, along with their many flunkies and henchmen?

The goal of this deluded scheme is to steal our territory and resources. To them the land owner has to be sexually subjugated and molested. Then in the perpetrators mind they now own the land. The idea is to degrade us so we will become degenerates. It is a deliberate way to destroy the race. We can see what’s going on. We are keeping an eye on our children.

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