Organizing Working Group

The Organizing Working Group exists to strengthen the connections within the network and the lager climate justice movement. The door is wide open for designing how we work together. If there was a single way that worked we’d probably all be doing it by now.

Currently the Organizing WG is focused on a regional model of organizing network groups primarily in the Northwest and in the Shale-fields of the Northeast and Midwest. That being said, the WG is also looking to build out the RT network in practical and functional ways and connect network groups to other organization and movements.

The Organizing WG is working to build and strengthen other regions around the country, take advantage of movement opportunities, and assist in connecting group to each other and to larger trends in movement work.

As well, the Organizing WG is committed to facilitating and organizing the annual RT Continental Gatherings.

If you are interested in being a part of the Organizing working group please email us at:

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