Staying Above Water-Migration as adaptation in the face of the climate crisis

Introduction  |  Open Borders  |  Communities at the Front Lines  | Front Line Solutions Click here to download a PDF of the Zine Staying Above Water More than 30 years ago leading scientists from NASA began warning policymakers that global temperatures were warming as a result of the emissions of… Continue reading

Street Medics?—Keeping Our Movements Healthy and Safe

Cross-posted from Medium by Patrick Young This is the third segment in the Lawyers, Lockboxes and Money series, a project that explores the role shared social movement infrastructure has played in social movement uprisings and how this infrastructure has evolved over time, moving across issue areas and geographies to knit… Continue reading

Toronto: Wet’suwet’en Supporters Deliver Message to TC-Energy Exec’s Neighborhood

Cross-posted from Rising Tide Toronto “[Saturday] morning, twenty people dressed as construction workers arrived at 232 Douglas Drive in Toronto, erected construction fencing and turned the well-manicured lawn into a site of destruction. They also postered and flyered the neighbourhood to bring attention to one the people behind the ongoing… Continue reading

Kitchen Crews Fueling the Movement

Cross-posted from Medium by Patrick Young — Part II of the Lawyers, Lockboxes and Money series Every mobilization, every blockade, every march depends on a complex network of movement infrastructure that will likely never make it to the front page of the papers. To make all of these things possible,… Continue reading

Send Lawyers, Lockboxes, and Money

cross-posted from Meduim By Patrick Young Shared social movement infrastructure in popular uprisings Across the United States and around the world, the past decade has been marked by a series of dramatic episodes of social movement uprisings. Thousands of people have taken to the streets facing down chemical weapons and… Continue reading

Water Protectors Lock Down to Stop Line 3 Construction

via Ginew Collective  Water Protectors Lock Down to Stop Line 3 Construction, Powerlines Built for Tar Sands Pipeline Through Army Corps Land as Enbridge Seeks Water Crossing Permits FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE June 3, 2019 Contact: (Park Rapids, MN) This morning, water protectors supported by Ginew Collective, Northfield Against Line… Continue reading

San Francisco: Climate Shenanigans Target California Democratic Convention

via Diablo Rising Tide This weekend, as California’s Democrats, the next generation’s “real climate leader” Gov. Gavin Newsom and a dozen or so presidential candidates gathered in San Francisco, guerrilla climate advertisers with Diablo Rising Tide pasted, projected and otherwise displayed messages to the liberal masses about fossil fuels and… Continue reading