Oregon:Community Members Stop Post-Fire Logging Operations in Protest on Hwy. 126

photo via Cascadia Forest Defenders

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In midst of state-wide controversy around grievous mismanagement of hazard tree removal, community members put their bodies in the way to halt operation.

MCKENZIE BRIDGE, OR – Monday morning, community members occupied log decks along Highway 126, stopping active post-fire logging operations for an hour. The action comes amidst growing controversy over the Oregon Department of Transportation’s (ODOT) mismanagement of the hazard tree removal.

For months now, concerns have been mounting about ODOT falsely marking and over-logging healthy, living trees and standing dead trees that pose no public risk along the scenic route and across the state. Recently, during a Senate hearing those fears were confirmed by expert whistleblowers (source link). However, the excessive cutting has not been stopped, despite calls from prominent state Senators. Within the fire boundary along Highway 126, piles of timber including old growth can be seen, directly next to living trees marked with blue paint to be logged.

Troubled by the scene, four community members entered the site where a helicopter was yarding logs hoping to halt the work, in an act of nonviolent direct action. Two of them got on the already decked logs, while one person put themself in the mouth of the log loader. Waving at the helicopter that was actively moving a log, they attempted to catch the attention of the pilot in order to safely stop the yarding process. The helicopter stopped yarding and hovered, empty, for a period of time. However, supervisor Joel Zeni from Suulutaaq allowed the helicopter to continue working on the same site.

At this point, the loggers were unable to continue work. In response to the work pausing, employees from Mason, Bruce & Girard [MBG] told the community members that their actions caused thousands of dollars in profits lost for the logging corporation.

As two community members continued to occupy the log decks, two more followed to where the helicopter was then working. Despite this, Joel Zeni from Suulutaaq, Inc allowed the helicopter to continue yarding logs on the occupied worksite.

Clover, a community member, said:

“By labeling post-fire logging as ‘hazard tree removal,’ ODOT contractors are using the fires from last summer as an excuse to make record profits under the guise of community safety and at the expense of taxpayers. Now is the time for all of us to take a role in protecting what’s left by stopping this irresponsible and destructive logging.”

Jesse, a community member, said:

“We have nothing against the individual workers doing their jobs; we want ODOT, MBG and Suulutaaq, the Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management to stop exploiting this disaster by ending all post-fire logging. We urge others to join us.”

Lane County sheriffs and state patrol were called to the scene. Once work had been stopped for an hour and the demands were made clear, the community members left the site peacefully.


More Appalachian Pipeline Fighters Held without Bail

cross-posted from Appalachians Against Pipelines

Thomas and Molly, who were arrested today after Thomas locked himself to a truck carrying pieces of pipe for the Mountain Valley Pipeline, are being held without bail on bullshit FELONY KIDNAPPING charges!!!
According to the New River Valley Regional Jail, Thomas and Molly’s charges — after 2.5 hours of a nonviolent blockade — are felony kidnapping (abduct by force without justification), felony larceny (unauthorized use of auto worth > $200), and misdemeanor riot/unlawful assembly (obstruction of free passage). Both are scheduled to be arraigned on Monday.
This is truly, astoundingly outrageous. These charges are clearly an intimidation tactic by the cops and the courts. This makes FOUR Mountain Valley Pipeline fighters currently held without bail! As we stated when Acre and Wren were not granted bail after being extracted from the Yellow Finch tree sits, the choice to deny our friends bail and hold them in jail is vindictive and political — a chance to punish pipeline fighters and attempt to scare off continued resistance to the Mountain Valley Pipeline. For years, the courts have shown their contempt for any water protectors who have put themselves in the pipeline’s path to stop construction.
Don’t let the cops and courts stop the resistance! Fight back! Take action in your community! Show up to court dates for pipeline fighters! Support prisoners! Stop the MVP!
Join us: appalachiansagainstpipelines@protonmail.com
First image photo credit Jen Deerinwater



Virginia: Scientist Locks to Truck to Stop Mountain Valley Pipeline

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A truck carrying pipe for the Mountain Valley Pipeline has been BLOCKED as it was crossing a bridge over Sinking Creek in Maybrook, Virginia. Thomas Adams, Montgomery County resident, hydrologist, and elected Director of the Skyline Soil and Water Conservation District has locked himself to the pipe truck!
The Mountain Valley Pipeline route crosses Sinking Creek just over a mile away from the site of today’s action.
“I have committed no crime. I would have committed a crime against humanity had I sat as an idle bystander, letting the greed of political and corporate forces advance,” explained Thomas.
Join us on site to rally in support of Thomas and against the Mountain Valley Pipeline!
Donate to support resistance to pipelines in Appalachia: bit.ly/SupportMVPResistance

Podcast: Fighting Fossil Fuels with Wild Idaho Rising Tide Organizer Helen Yost

cross-posted from the Green and Red Podcast

In the Earth Day episode of the Green and Red Podcast, they talk with Wild Idaho Rising Tide co-founder and organizer, and host of Radio Free Moscow’s “Climate Justice Forum,” Helen Yost.

Listen in: https://bit.ly/WildIdahoGandR

In 2011, Wild Idaho Rising Tide launched with a direct action campaign to stop the “Tar Sands Megaloads,” huge pieces of oil drilling equipment being shipped by the oil industry from the Pacific Coast to Alberta’s tar sands. Scott and Helen discuss that campaign and all of the climate and political organizing in Idaho that has come since 2011. This includes scrappy campaigns against fossil fuel transportation, infrastructure and extraction that has led to unusual alliances between environmentalists, Indigenous groups and property rights advocates. And the backlash that Helen and other activists have faced from industry, the state government and the feds. Most notably, the FBI visits of anti-fossil fuel activists in 2014. We even listened to a voicemail left for Helen by an agent.

Helen shared a story about living in Northern Idaho during the 2020 uprisings. As high school students organized small peaceful marches around the murder of George Floyd, they were harassed by local white supremacist militias. The harassment led to the town organizing and mobilizing against the militias each time the students had a march or rally.

Described as a “one woman army,” Helen Yost is co-founder of, and an organizer with, Wild Idaho Rising Tide (WIRT). She is also a citizen journalist, producer and host of the weekly Climate Justice Forum program on KRFP Radio Free Moscow. Her academic background is in conservation of resources, wilderness, wildlife, and environments She has served during her 14 years in north Idaho as a social sciences research assistant, education and outreach director, board member and president, canvasser, and organizer for regional groups. WIRT and allied, grassroots activists effectively confront the root causes of climate change through locally crucial and creative, direct actions and solutions, including peaceful protests, protective monitoring, public processes, and defensive litigation