Open Working Groups

To be able to most fully support the network, as well as to create opportunities for cross-network and intersectional organizing, Rising Tide utilizes a number of Working Groups that are open to network contacts and chapters to get work done. Each Working Group has some specific area of work that we feel is important and that isn’t quite replicated anywhere else in the network. Each Working Group hosts regular conference call and maintains an internal list associated with that Working Group. Network contacts and groups are invited to join any open working group for a particular project (like the continental gatherings, or the publication of an article) or to be a part of that WG for the long term (like the Organizing Working Group).

The Rising Tide Collective does maintain some internal Working Groups that are closed, but most of those are for internal collective maintenance and health.

Please click on any WG below to find out more information.

Creative Collaborations
Trainers Network

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