Training Resources

Below is a list of trainings and resources that we’ve been drawing from and using for many years. There are plenty more training and resourcesout there, but think of this as a list for getting ideas for your work. We drew pretty heavily upon the Midnight Special Law Collective’s resources as well as those of the ubiquitous Lisa Fithian. Both have contributed greatly to our work. 

If there are resources or agendas you would like to see listed here, please email us and let us know.  

Know Your Rights:

Sample KYR training agenda and guide (Midnight Special Law Collective)

Know your rights trainers guide (Midnight Special)

Know your rights trainers training (Midnight Special)

Know your right trainers training handout (Midnight Special)

Direct Action 

Non-Violent Direct Action training (Midnight Special)

Direct action strategy questionaire (Lisa Fithian)

Shutting Things Down to Open Things Up training (Lisa Fithian)

Sample NVDA training 4 hours (Lisa Fithian)

Direct Action, Blockade, and Mobile Tactics Training Agenda all day (Lisa Fithian)

Ruckus Action Strategy Guide

Tactics Resources

Swarm Intellegence (Lisa Fithian)

Swarm lessons for Activists (Lisa Fithian)

Street mobile tactics training for Direct Action (RANT collective)

Facilitation Resources

Facilitation Training (Emily Simons)

Detailed facilitation list of rolls, notions, and tools (Emily Simons)

Some Anti-Oppression Resources

Anti-Oppression Principles and Practice (compiled by Lisa Fithian)

Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack (the halmark essay)

Checklist for While Allies Against Racism (John Raible)

Power and Diversity Sequence Training (Lisa Fithian)

Other Trainings

Legal Observer Training (Midnight Special)

Legal Observer Trainer Training (Midnight Special)

Small Action Legal Support Trainers Guide (Midnight Special)

Computer Security Trainers Guild (somewhat old) (Midnight Special)

Grand Jury Trainer’s Guide (Midnight Special)

Legal Solidarity Trainers Guide (Midnight Special)

Websites loaded with resources for organizers and trainers

Organizing For Power (Lisa Fithian)

Praxis Makes Perfect

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