PODCAST: Jeremy Brecher on How Labor and Climate Movements Build Power from Below

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Bob and Scott talk with author, labor historian and activist Jeremy Brecher who’s been engaged at the intersection of labor, the environment and the climate for decades.

Listen in: https://apple.co/4aOCwqf

Over 50 years ago, Jeremy authored “Strike,” a labor history classic. And then more recently he’s worked at the intersection of the labor and climate movements. We talk with Jeremy about strikes, unions and union leadership since he first published “Strike;” the recent “Hot Labor Summer” of 2023; the labor-climate movements and much more.

Bio// Jeremy Brecher is a writer, historian, and activist who is the author of more than a dozen books on labor and social movements. His works include the labor history classic “Strike” and “Against Doom: A Climate Insurgency Manual.” Jeremy is also a Senior Advisor for the Labor Network for Sustainability.

Massachusetts: Direct Actions at War Profiteers As Israel Attacks Gaza

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Anti-war actvists blockaded all vehicle entrances to the L3Harris facility in Northampton, MA. L3Harris is one of the largest weapons contractors in the world, and they profit from war, the prison industry, and the violent occupation of Palestine.

L3Harris supplies parts for the fighter jets that are being used to kill thousands of people in Gaza. They also supply surveillance tech to the Israeli regime.

And then a second action rocked the Massachusetts military industrial complex this morning. People shut down Elbit’s facility in Cambridge. Elbit is Israel’s biggest weapons supplier.

Columbus, Ohio: Land Defenders Occupy Corporate HQ of Nationwide Insurance Demanding– STOP COP CITY

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On the morning of June 29th a group of activists stormed the lobby of Nationwide headquarters, urging the company to stop insuring the controversial “Cop City” project proposed for Atlanta, Georgia. The group chanted, distributed flyers, and asked to meet with executives of the company before being escorted out by security.

Cop City is a $100 million police training facility proposed by the Atlanta Police Foundation. The project would involve clearing hundreds of acres of the Weelaunee Forest – the largest urban forest in the country known and locally as the “lungs of Atlanta.” A wide ranging coalition of activists have been resisting the project for three years, with some camping out in the forest in hopes of delaying construction.

On January 18th, one of these activists, Manuel “Tortuguita” Teran, was shot and killed by police while in their tent. An independent autopsy, performed by a retired Georgia State Police medical examiner, found that Tortuguita was shot while sitting cross-legged with their hands up.

#ShutDownKKR Online Toolkit: Get Your Hands Off Wet’suwet’en Lands!

Wet’suwet’en hereditary chiefs and community members in northern British Columbia, Canada are being removed from their land to build TCEneregy’s 417-mile, multibillion-dollar Coastal GasLink pipeline, despite having rights and title to their land since time immemorial.

The Coastal GasLink pipeline poses grave risks to the land, air, water, and climate, and to the Indigenous women living near the fracked gas pipeline route.

In the past few months, militarized police have raided the Wet’suwet’en camps with assault rifles, dogs, sound cannons, and helicopters while Indigenous elders and youth stood by in shock.

Now, especially in this global pandemic, all eyes are on Wet’suwet’en frontlines — and their hereditary chiefs are urgently calling out for massive global support.

In the U.S., you can help by calling out one of the largest funders of the Coastal GasLink pipeline Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co (KKR). KKR’s plans to invest in the pipeline aren’t final and there’s still time to stop them, and there are a lot of online opportunities to take action!

If enough people tell KKR that people across Canada and the U.S. won’t let the pipeline be built and lean into their partnerships principles, they could pull out of the deal.

Find the “#ShutDownKKR: Get Your Hands Off Wet’suwet’en Lands!” online toolkit here. It has sample emails, same social media posts, graphics, research and more for you to callout KKR.

Email info@risingtidenorthamerica.org for #ShutDownKKR partnerships, questions, or if you have comments.