Noteworthy Grassroots Groups

News / Commentary / Blogs

  • Climate Indymedia Global independent grassroots media focused on climate issues and action
  • Energy Bulletin Focused primarily on peak oil, also covers climate change, alternative energy & sustainability issues.
  • This is a good, progressive and accessible blog. Affiliated with the CCC. The site’s introduction to climate change is also quite good, has a good science / politics fusion.
  • Another good fairly radical, yet accessible blog. This one from well know UK author / activist. Books: “High Tideâ€? and “Six Degreesâ€?. Also an ex-EF!er, also involved with the CCC.
  • This is the news / analysis website for student organizers from Energy Action’s Climate Campus Challenge campaign
  • This is a US based anti-oil blog and info site.

Scientific Analysis

Graphics and Data

  • The United Nations Environment Programme. These are a few years out of date, but it’s a good collection. The graphics are medium / low resolution – not ideal for printing.
  • This is the Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme’s (an intergovernmental agency)Arctic Climate Impact Assessmentâ€? page. Not only is a lot of the arctic research and reports here, but they also have tons of medium and high-resolution graphics available for download, which include a lot of general, non-arctic specific things.
  • This is the digital archive of the major EU science conference on “Avoiding dangerous climate changeâ€?. There are tons of slideshows (from very technical to very basic) and reports from the conference that can be downloaded. The focus is on the likelihood of various scenarios of climate change and the ecological and social impacts of various levels of climate change (i.e., 1°C vs. 6°C).
  • US Energy Information Administration, tons of data and graphics about how much emissions various industries make. Lots of detailed, industry (e.g., coal vs. oil) specific information.
  • US Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center. Vastly huge amounts of data and graphics about emissions rates and long-term trends from all over the world. This is more general carbon pollution information (as compared to the EIA’s website). is a good starting point for navigating this huge site.


  • This is one of the only well documented Kyoto-critical reviews of climate change on the net.
  • This is a huge climate change web portal, with 100’s of climate change links categorized of all sorts.
  • Project Underground. Now defunct, this was the primary anti-corporate, environmental justice focused research and advocacy group in the US on mining and oil. Tons of research, but increasingly out-of-date.
  • and – both have excellent energy sections
  • Track’s and scrutinize carbon sequestration projects related to the Kyoto Protocol, and to highlight their threats to forests and other ecosystems, to forest peoples as well as to the climate. Started by the World Rainforest Movement (Uruguay based environmental / environmental justice coalition).

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