Multimedia Support Group

What is the Rising Tide Multi-Media Support Group? 

The Multi-Media Support Group (MSG) consists of both RTNA collective members and non-collective members who want to help share skills and resources for the production of educational publications and multimedia for agitation against dirty energy and for climate justice. If someone has a project they are working on – from a zine about a local issue to an ongoing video series examining climate criminals and everything in between – and needs a little help, with technical skills or resources for example, the MSG works to help fill those gaps and help move along the project.

How do I propose a project?

Your first step would be to send in a basic proposal consisting of the who, what, where, when, and why of the project you are proposing to bottom line.  Click the arrow below to expand a contact form, or write directly via msg [-at-]

We don’t need anything super formal at the onset, just the basic sketch of your idea!

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 What’s expected of people proposing a project?

We follow an “80% / 20% guideline” for all projects. Especially over long distances, with people who may hardly know each other we have embraced the idea that, for a given project, 1 – 3 people almost always do 80% of the work. The role of the MSG is a network that strives to share the burden of the remaining 20%. When proposing a project you must follow the 80% / 20% guideline – don’t propose a project you don’t want to be a lead on!

We also would like to help any projects that are struggling to get started by helping with the brainstorming process, sharing info we already have and offering any other resource the MSG may have. For helping with starting a project we have a “90% / 10%” guideline. This guideline works the same as the 80/20 guideline but we will offer our 10% help at the beginning of the process. If your having trouble coming up with ideas, PLEASE feel free to contact us.

Do you need to be a part of the Multi-Media Support Group to get help?

Nope! Anyone within the RT-Network can propose a project to the MSG. Basically any person connected to a group that identifies as part of the RT-Network or anyone who is an ally of RTNA can ask the MSG to help with a project.


What the Multi-Media Support Group has to offer

  • A community for brainstorming, feedback, advice, etc.
  • Accumulated resource lists (places to print, access to volunteers who have offered to help RT with various research/editing projects, lists of artists/designers, graphics library, educational / background readings on topics, etc.)
  • The MSG is working to create a complete archive of all Rising Tide and climate justice allies publications and multimedia productions on our website. We would LOVE to have anything you’ve made in the past or make in the future be part of it. Graphics, zines, slideshows, video, essays, are all great. email them to publications[-at-]
  • The MSG produces a newsletter with an overview of what various Rising Tide groups, affiliates, and close allies are up to – be sure to send us your updates at newsletter [-at-]
  • If you are bottom lining, you need to be flexible with what the 20% will be! You should be prepared to:

Give clear ideas for ways to help.
Ask people in advance how they can help.
Ask people to take on exactly what roles you want them to do.
Spell out work/expectations/deadlines clearly.
Not expect tons of help for super last minute requests! (but don’t be afraid to ask either)
Your ideas! Don’t hesitate to ask (just please don’t make demands).

Joining the Multi-Media Support Group!

First it is probably a good idea to check in and see if the MSG is currently looking for new members. We are always looking for more folks with diverse perspectives and backgrounds, but sometimes it doesn’t make sense to add more folks to the process as we try to integrate new people at a sustainable pace. If the MSG is accepting new members you will be asked to fill out a small form with questions pertaining to your interests, skills and perspectives. If accepted, you will be connected with someone currently within the MSG (a buddy) to help orient you to how the MSG flows.

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