Group of 8 (G8)

Mission and Description: The “Group of 8” (G8) industrialized countries are advancing dangerous global “energy security” and “carbon trading” development policies that threaten to greatly aggravate climate chaos and worsen human dependence on fossil fuels and nuclear energy. The mission of Rising Tide North America’s working group on the G8 is to inform, inspire and mobilize international action for our vision of climate justice, and against the destructive energy/climate agenda of the G8. Through popular education and direct action, we aim to unite people in all of the G8 countries and the Global South for a sustainable future that protects the Earth’s climate and natural life, and liberates people everywhere from a catastrophic future of continued addiction to nuclear, oil, coal and gas.

Activities: The 2007 International Day of Direct Action for Climate Justice will take place on FRIDAY, JUNE 8, the final day of this year’s G8 Summit in Germany. We also support the February 19 – April 7, 2007 Dissent! G8 Infotour on the West and East Coasts of the USA. In the past, on the first day of the 2006 G8 Summit we spearheaded the July 15th International Day of Direct Action for Climate Justice. Then in October 2006, we raised international awareness about and action countering the “G8 + 5” Dialogue on Climate Change in, including an alternative Climate Justice convergence and demonstrations in Mexico City.

Getting Involved: We need the help of translators, writers, researchers, independent media workers (audio, video and print), fundraisers, and local organizers to coordinate anti-G8 climate justice actions in your communities and bioregions! If you enjoy outreach or are fluent in a foreign language, we also need lots of help building our contacts with allies — environmental activists, community groups, progressive and radical movements — in all of the G8 countries and the Global South. Want to get involved with the climate action wing of the global justice movement? Contact us at

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