Australian Activists Occupy World’s Biggest Coal Port

On February 10th, a coalition of Australian activists took to the high seas in a flotilla of canoes, inflatable craft, and other seaworthy vessels to take action to shut down the world’s largest coal port. Estimates range from 400 to 3000 activists taking part, with best estimates being 200 on sea and another 300 activists on land.

Why Occupy the World’s Biggest Coal Port?

Climate change is the greatest threat to the future of our beautiful planet, to all its’ species diversity, and to human safety, health, peace, and wellbeing.It is up to us all to reduce our own impact and to contribute to broader positive change in whatever ways we are able. As citizens of NSW – a major coal exporter and contributor to the global climate crisis – we can set an example for the rest of the world by supporting a just transition from a fossil fuel based economy to a clean renewable energy future. With plans afoot to double coal exports, Newcastle Port is at the coal face of global ecological disaster. Any expansion of the world’s already largest coal port would be directly opposite to the changes we must make to achieve a positive future for the planet, the people of the world, the people of NSW.At 1pm, February 10th, hundreds of people descended on Newcastle Harbour for a colourful floating community demonstration against NSW coal expansion. We sent a clear message to the parties campaigning for the NSW election in March: NO NEW COAL MINES, NO NEW COAL LOADERS, A JUST TRANSITION TO A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE.

Rising Tide Australia Flotilla

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