Airport Runway Seized By Activists

The following communique was received by Rising Tide North America.


On 14 April, activists broke into Bromma Airport in Stockholm to occupy the
runway for half an hour. The scheduled flight to Gothenburg – a short distance
indeed – was delayed, and some planes had to divert their landing. The ten
activists, linked by chains and carrying a huge banner which read “Stop domestic
flights”, managed to enter the airport and runway without being detected. After
some five minutes, police arrived to the scene, but refrained from violent
intervention. When the blockade had been carried to its planned end, the
activists were arrested and informed of the formal charge of aggravated
trespass. The most likely punishment is some heavy fines, but prison terms are

The action was carried out by Climax, a group in Stockholm formed two weeks ago.
It is the seed of a direct action-movement against the root causes of climate
change in a country which has just recently woken up to the facts of ongoing
global warming. Climax is inspired by Plane Stupid and Rising Tide. The action
of 14 April, coinciding with the enormous National Day of Climate Action in the
U.S., was the first of its kind to occur in Sweden. More is bound to follow
soon. Check for updates (and pictures of the recent action) at

Global action against global warming!




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