FYI – See below – please respond to protect Mato Paha (Bear Butte).

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Come see Stop The Desecration

Debra White Plume has shared Stop The Desecration with you, a montage
created at One True Media.

A personal message from Debra White Plume:
Hi, here’s a montage I created online at Click on the
link below to see it. You don’t need to have an account.
Mato Paha is under direct atack again. On June 5, 2007 there is a Meade
County Commissioners meeting in Sturgis at the courthouse, 2:30 PM. They
will again meet to approve-disapprove 47 alcohol permits. 14 of the
applicants are within 2.5 miles of Bear Butte. One is ON THE northern
slope. If you cannot make it to the hearing, please email them at to state your opposition to the licenses based on
location as inappropriate for a sacred mountain. Please go to the
montage site and view it, and there is a button there to email it on to
others. Please email it to others and ask them to also use the button on
the Montage site to send it on to others. Maybe we can send in 100,000
emails to them to protect the integrity of Mato Paha. Go to:

for more info. You can copy and paste this message
in your message box TO PROVIDE THE HEARING INFO. Thanks, take care and keep in touch.

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