Radical Disaster Relief Group Banned from City Destroyed by Tornado

The town of Greensburg, KS was completely leveled by strong tornadoes several weeks ago. Since then relief efforts have been underway to help the community rebuild. One group, Kansas Mutal Aid, has been banned from aiding in this relief work. In the face of increased natural disasters due to climate change, radical emergency relief groups are extremely important in mitigating the climate disasters. Read the Kansas Mutual Aid press release below.

Contact: Joe Carr, Kansas Mutual Aid, 816-805-7133, joecarr@riseup.net May
23, 2007

KC & Lawrence Organizers Banned from Greensburg Return to the Area to Help
Neighboring Communities.

Members of the Lawrence-based community group Kansas Mutual Aid (KMA) have
been making weekly volunteer trips down to Greensburg, KS ever since the
tornado destroyed the city three weeks ago. They will make their third
trip this weekend.

Last weekend, they were in Greensburg volunteering and making arrangements
for future trips when they were detained by police and forced to leave the
city. An Olathe police officer deputized by FEMA, said that anyone
affiliated with the group would be arrested on site if they returned to
Greensburg. He threatened that arrestees could "disappear" in the legal
system, and stated that officials had been monitoring the group's website
and emails. The officer said that this was because of their political
beliefs and their affiliation with "anarchists".

Despite this treatment, KMA will be bringing down tools, supplies, and a
group of 20-30 volunteers from Kansas City and Lawrence this weekend to do
work in the surrounding farms and communities also damaged by the tornado.
They'll also be meeting with Greensburg refugees to determine what more
long and short-term services KMA may be able to help provide.

Journalists are welcome to accompany the group.

Kansas Mutual Aid works in the Lawrence area growing and distributing free
organic food, working against military recruitment, doing prisoner support
work, helping maintain the Solidarity Radical Library and Revolutionary
Center, and supporting other local progressive causes.

For any questions or interviews contact Joe Carr, 816-805-7133, or Jordan
Ferrand-Sapsis, 785-424-3433.

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