24 Hours of Action Against Banks Funding Coal and Climate Change: Nov. 16-17, 2007 Nationwide

Join Rising Tide North America, Rainforest Action Network, Coal River Mountain Watch, Appalachian Voices, Mountain Justice Summer, SEAC and a cast of thousands as we mobilize to stop Bank of America and Citi’s investments climate change and the dirty coal industry.

On November 16 and 17 people around the country will take action against Bank of America and Citi for fueling climate chaos with billions of dollars invested in the coal industry. Bank of America supports notorious coal companies such as Massey Energy and Arch coal who are responsible for destroying the Appalachian mountains and communities through a process known as mountaintop removal coal mining. Hundreds of square miles of the Appalachian mountains have been literally flattened by these companies to get at thin seams of coal. Meanwhile Citi throws billions of dollars behind energy companies such as Duke Energy, Dominion Resources, and American Electric Power, who are attempting to build a new wave of dirty coal power plants that will release millions of tons of CO2 every year.

Plan an action in your town! There’s a wide variety of things you can do to make an impact. Hand out flyers to bank customers, drop a banner, do creative street theater, or civil disobedience. Demand that Bank of America and Citi permanently stop funding the destructive coal industry.

For action resources including flyers, posters, and images click here. For more info and resources email dirtymoney@ran.org

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