What the Greenwash Guerillas Said

At the end of the welcoming address of Point Carbon’s “Carbon Market Insights” conference on October 30th 2007, Rising Tide took the stage to present them with a deed to the sky:

Jessie: Before we begin we’d like to express how overjoyed we are at the opportunity to commend you all for undertaking the important work you are doing in taking care of the climate change problem”

Jessie: “we have a very special gift for all of you here, as the cutting edge of market based solutions to climate change we present to you a deed to the next frontier that is literally over all of your heads:”

David: “This indenture made on the 30th day of October in the year of our lord Two Thousand and Seven on behalf of the Secretary of the Sky bestows the full and rightful ownership of all parts of the atmosphere to the Carbon Traitors of Carbon Market Insights. Wittnesseth, that it be hereby known and proclaimed to all that the Carbon Traitors of Carbon Market Insights are recorded as the true and legal beneficiaries of the Sky and all its carbon existent or henceforth emitted and duly recorded by the Secretary of the Sky. We hold it to be self evident that all Greenhouse Gases are created equal, be they held in trees, pig shit, fossil fuels in the ground or combusted.

David: “so, thank you very much, we are also leaving with you a key to the sky
so that you are now the rightful owners, here is you deed.

David and Jessie:
“Generations of the future
Are begging us now
Renounce this treachery
Please spare this cash cow
So sink this idea
Offset your Illusions
There’s no market based quick-fix
for unchecked pollution


Congressman Inslee: “So let’s hear it for the Sky Raiders here. I don’t know if I can top that”

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