International Day of Prayer for Sacred San Francisco Peaks

*Navajo Nation Council – Office of the Speaker** *
Contact: Joshua Lavar Butler, Public Information Officer
Phone: (928) 871-7160

November 30, 2007
*Navajo Nation calls for ‘National and International Day of Prayer’ for San
Francisco Peaks on Dec. 11, 2007 ** *
*U.S. Court of Appeals to hear case in Pasadena, CA ** *
*WINDOW ROCK, Ariz. – *The Honorable Speaker Lawrence T. Morgan
(Iyanbito/Pinedale) is calling upon all people of the Navajo Nation, tribal
members of various tribes, and individuals who deeply respect our Mother
Earth to join us in a ‘National and International Day of Prayer’ for our
sacred mountain of the west, Doko’oosliid (The San Francisco Peaks), at 3:00
p.m. on Dec. 11, 2007.
The U.S. Court of Appeals will hold a legal review on behalf of the U.S.
Forest Service and ski resort in Pasadena, CA. The U.S. Court of Appeals
will reconsider the case and this means that they are being allowed to
continue to challenge our religious freedom, our environmental justice, and
our cultural survival as the First Americans.
It is very unfortunate that this case is being reconsidered. We will
continue to stand strong and unified to protect our religious and cultural
convictions to protect our sacred mountain of the west.
We will continue to practice what has sustained our ancestors from the past,
despite the many challenges that we face. We have been able to continue to
remain here as a people, because of the spiritual prayers of our ancestors.
Our prayers will assist us in this new challenge that is forth coming on
Dec. 11, 2007.
As leaders of the Navajo Nation, we understand that many of you are unable
to travel to this distant location. Therefore, we encourage you to remember
to pray for the continued protection of our sacred mountain to the west. We
must stand side-by-side like the ponderosa pines on Doko’oosliid, in prayer
to let others know that it is our right to advocate for the protection of
our sacred sites.
The Navajo Nation needs your support. We must continue to stand in
solidarity to address our sacred sites.
Our prayers will be heard as we unite in our continued efforts to protect
our Mother Earth. We thank you in advance for your participation in the
‘National and International Day of Prayer’ on behalf of our sacred mountain
to the west, Doko’oosliid.
For more information, contact Joshua Lavar Butler with the Office of the
Speaker at 928-871-6384.
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