Bonus ideas for Fossil Fools Day!

Nice ideas from Belgium…

Attach bumper stickers with “I’m polluting for nothing, honk at me”

Carbon capture and storage
Pointing out the ridiculousness of carbon capture and storage (which is being touted in the UK as a way to make new coal OK)

Targetting the Tar Sands

Every single day over 1 million barrels of oil are taken out of the tar sands. The tar sands located in northern Alberta represent the second largest oil reserve in the world but getting that oil out of the ground comes at an incredible cost. The tar sands, if fully developed, will destroy an area as large as the state of Florida. In the process they will suck the Athabasca river dry, destroy 149,000 sq km of Boreal forest, and single handedly ensure that Canada fails to meet its international obligations under the Kyoto protocol.

The tar sands are the dirtiest source of oil under development anywhere in the world. It takes 3-5 times as much energy to get a barrel of oil from the tar sands as it does from conventional means. In addition, the tar sands use 3-5 barrels of fresh water for every barrel of oil produced. The majority of that water can never be placed back into the natural environment. Instead it will sit in huge toxic tailings ponds – two of which are already visible from space.


Hold an Oil Addicts Anonymous (OAA) Meeting: The first step in breaking any addiction is to admit that you have a problem. With so many people in denial why not hold your own OAA meeting at your local gas station, politicians office, car dealership or oil headquarters. It’s not that difficult a few chairs, some coffee and doughnuts and a public address system and your ready to go.

PLEDGE or INVOICE DELEVERY: Most Fossil Fools are fond of saying ‘bigger is better’ so why not make your own pledge testing a companies or politicians rhetoric or an invoice for the amount it will cost the planet if these companies keep blocking climate action. Simply blow it up and deliver away.

Check out one delivery at

OIL ENFORCEMENT AGENCY (OEA): Sometimes when companies refuse to do what they need to do for the good of the planet and the country an agency needs to step and start laying down the law. The OEA is just such an organization. So join the fight, dawn your best security outfit and take to your local office, dealership, powerplant, or gas station. Tape off the scene off the crime, start your own climate investigation and most importantly protect the public 😉

Hold your own Greenwash: A lot of fossil fools like to make grand statements about the climate to the public and then do exactly the opposite. Why not put those statements in perspective by holding your own green wash? Get a bunch of buckets of soap, some green food colouring, take to your local target and greenwash away.

Billionaires for tar sands/coal: Why not join the other side? Become the only people that benefit from this development – the incredibly uber wealthy. Take on a fabulous name like Bill O’Naire or Annita Subsidy, dress to the nines (hopefully with a nice smoke stack top hat), dawn a british accent and cheer on those that destroy the planet.

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