Ohio State Students Stage Sit-In to protest Grassy Narrows Logging

Starting at 10 this morning on the snowiest day of the year, five students at Ohio
State began a sit-in to demand ethical standards for the purchase of wood and paper.
The members of OSU Free The Planet!, a student group, vow to stay until President
Gordon Gee signs an agreement to stop the University from buying wood products
obtained from Indigenous conflict areas and to include more recycled content in
paper and lumber used on campus.

Forest issues are heavily intertwined with many other issues. The 6-year logging
blockade of the Grassy Narrows people is our struggle too. They are protecting one
of our most valuable tools to combat global environmental devastation, especially
climate change – the Boreal Forest. Our liberation is tied up in theirs.

The 5 students inside are supported by a group of more than two dozen of their
supporters rallying outside the President’s office, who will be standing in
solidarity as long as it takes. Police are reportedly on the scene, but have not
indicated any intent to arrest. Check the Rainforest Action Network’s blog for
updates through the day.

Support the students by signing on to their petition. Free The Planet is also asking
supporters to call the President’s office to encourage him to sign the
agreement: President Gordon E. Gee (like guy except with an ee), The Ohio State
University – (614) 292-2424.

Matt/Mattie Reitman

Energy Justice Network Campus and Community Organizer

Campus Climate Challenge Campaigner – Ohio

315.450.6628 matt@energyjustice.net

:::Check out the newly formed Ohio Student Environmental Coalition:::



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