The Beehive Collective is searching for new worker bees

icon_main.jpg[The Beehive Collective is a political art and design collective and a local Rising Tide contact – they are preparing to launch a major new “graphic campaign” focused on Mountain Top Removal coal mining in collaboration with others in Rising Tide.]

In anticipation of our most exciting and busy year to date, featuring the launch of two new graphics campaigns, our swarm of eleven is in need of five more workers. We are currently seeking a few passionate and committed organizers, educators, and artists to join us full-time in Maine, at satellite Hive locations, and on the road, beginning as soon as possible.

Please pass this note on to others who might be interested!

– Archivist/Documentarian (Mountaintop Removal Mining campaign)
– Graphics Campaign Coordinator (Mesoamerica Resiste)
– Education Coordinator (Mountaintop Removal Mining campaign)
– Illustration Collaborator (pen & ink, Mountaintop Removal Mining campaign)
– Distribution, Networking & “Pollination” Coordinator (core Hive position)

Detailed descriptions at

In exchange for their efforts and commitment, all Bees, both full and part time, are provided with (exceptionally amazing) food and housing for the time they are involved, in Maine or on the road. Indeed, this does not cover other expenses that you may have such as healthcare or debt, but we will support you in coming up with a work plan that can address your specific needs. Bees committed beyond six months are eligible to receive Americorps benefits such as school debt deferment, an education stipend and health care. Thus far, we’ve found this approach to be the best way for us to honor the work of each of us equally, while avoiding dependency on unstable foundation funding.

**********ABOUT THE BEEHIVE**********
We are an all volunteer, non profit art-activist collective, dedicated to making anti-copyright images for use as educational tools. Our mission is to “cross-pollinate the grassroots.” We value collaborative work, creative problem solving, and dismantling colonial mentality. As the bee metaphor dictates, we are endlessly busy in the effort to illuminate the connections between single issues and the “big picture.” Our organism requires long hours, patience and a solid sense of humor, but is consistently surprising, rewarding and personally transformative.

**********CURRENT CAMPAIGNS**********

*****MESOAMERICA RESISTE: Now four years in the making and extensively researched throughout the region, this project is focused on giving voice to the many grassroots and community-based alternatives to the Plan Puebla Panama (PPP). The PPP is a massive trade corridor and industrial development plan that would span southern Mexico, Central America, and Colombia. Unprecedented in scale and sold by its designers as a regional integration plan, the PPP is actually an acceleration of five hundred years of colonialism and genocide founded on racism, military occupation, short-term consumerism, and foreign control of land and resources.

Depicted by the Beehive as an elaborate pen and ink drawing, with over 450 distinct species of plant and animals, Mesoamerica Resiste is in the homestretch of completion. In many ways, when this illustration hatches, our work will have just begun. To release this graphic into the world and ensure that it returns to the region to serve as a participatory tool for resistance movements, we are seeking a CAMPAIGN COORDINATOR. This person would join our team as soon as possible, for part-time for training in Toronto (or possibly Philadelphia), full-time work through the summer in Maine, and touring in the Fall.

*****MOUNTAINTOP REMOVAL MINING (MTR): With support from the Provisions Library for Art & Social Change, and collaboration from the grassroots groups Rising Tide and Mountain Justice Summer, the Hive has enthusiastically agreed to pursue a campaign illuminating the most extreme form of surface mining for coal. With this new campaign we hope to further develop our image-based storytelling methods to cross domestic geographical, class, and literacy barriers. We intend to produce a learning tool that artfully captures the human and ecological scale of shortsighted resource extraction, while participating in the rich storytelling tradition of Appalachia. This project has an very tight deadline, with the illustration component going to print in August.

For the MTR campaign we are seeking multiple roles: an EDUCATION COORDINATOR, DOCUMENTARIAN/ARCHIVIST, and an ILLUSTRATION COLLABORATOR. These three folks would join us on the road this Spring, at our Hive in Maine in the Summer, and possibly tour with the finished graphics campaign in the Fall. We intend for this project to be the first of many graphics campaigns focused on Climate Change issues.

**********HOW TO APPLY**********
More information about each of these roles is currently on the front page of our website. We’ll be filling these positions by early March, so it’s best to get in touch immediately if you’re interested. Write or email us a letter of introduction using our “20 Questions” as a guide. Call us at (207) 669-4117 and we’ll mail you a hard copy, or check out

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