Afghanistan, Climate, Weather, Water, and Crops

Famine Early Warning System Network (FEWS NET)
Date: 04 Jun 2008

FEWS Afghanistan Weekly Climate Forecast 04 – 10
Jun 2008: Extreme heat, low precipitation persists

Temperatures remain warmer than normal across
most of Afghanistan. These above- normal
temperatures are more moderate in the higher
elevations, but are far enough above normal that
they have depleted snow pack 4-6 weeks earlier
than normal. The remaining snow pack now resides
in the highest elevations of northeast of
Afghanistan. Snow pack in the highland areas of
Afghanistan is critical because it is used for
irrigation in the lowland areas.

Precipitation across most of Afghanistan is below
normal as well. Fewer fronts than normal passed
through the country from October – May. The above
normal temperatures have aggravated this
situation, melting snow early and evaporating
more water than normal.

1) Much of Afghanistan has experienced below
normal precipitation during the winter and spring
along with an early snow melt.

2) Extreme heat (maximum temperatures above 38
°C) will affect the lowlands of Afghanistan and
continue to increase water evaporation.

Figure 1. Weather hazards in Afghanistan as of June 3, 2008
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