Gustav Solidarity

Rising Tide folks with a lot of support from others have set up a new website with information from the grassroots, for the grassroots radical and progressive response to Hurricane Gustav. We are currently receiving or collecting information from a dozen or so groups in the area.

Please spread the word:

The site features:

  • Information on how to support community organized relief efforts and grassroots organizations doing social justice work in hurricane affected areas.
  • Needs lists from affected communities and organization that need support.
  • (soon) Sample flyers, announcements, etc. for organizing fundraisers, movie showings, and solidarity vigils in your community.

Keep in mind:

  1. Even if there is no flooding in New Orleans and surrounding parish’s there is going to be major disruptions to social justice organizing in the area.
  2. We have yet to receive updates from the poor, highly vulnerable, not to mention highly oil-industry impacted communities along the coast
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