“The Planet” Documentary Series Now Online

Good Educational Materials. I have seen some of these segments at Sky Crosby’s place
(he’s the one who sent this to me) &-while not really very “radiakal” in
messaging-very informative & useful for outreaching to mainstream.


Outstanding Cable-TV Documentary Series Now Online.

This outstanding documentary series outlines the challenges faced by humanity in the
grip of global environmental change, making a strong case for mankind’s own
contribution to this life threatening problem. Not limited to climate change, The
Planet examines global changes brought about by overpopulation, the destruction of plants and animals, high levels of consumption, growing economies and industrialized farming. Swedish filmmakers Michael Stenberg, Linus Torell, Johan Söderberg take this serious material to the
next level, using unconventional aerial photography, archived instructional films and a thriving soundtrack to bring a scientific subject into the realm of artistic, contemporary documentary.
Environmental experts interviewed for the series include Pulitzer Prize and National
Medal of Science winner Jared Diamond (“Guns, Germs and Steel”), author and Stanford
professor Gretchen Daily, Herman Daly, Will Steffen, George Monbiot, Norman Myers
and Lester Brown.

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Part 1: Global Change
The first episode of The Planet attempts to correct our use of the term “climate
change”, arguing that what humanity really faces is change to all aspects of the
biosphere, including the decimation of resources, ongoing damage to natural services
such as pollination, and the widespread extinction of plants and animals. This is a
global change – one that reaches beyond the climate. Because it’s global, it’s a
marked example of our growing dependence on the behavior of other nations.

Part 2: Natural Resources
This episode of The Planet looks at the toll economic growth takes on the planet.
While the world’s population continues to grow, the earth’s resources, particularly
of food and water, remain finite. The West is the biggest consumer of goods per
capita in the world, but what will happen when China and India manage to fulfill
their dream of joining the “first world”, with expectations to match?

Part 3: Plants and Animals
As more and more people relocate to cities, it’s easy to become
disconnected from the importance of the biosphere. But just because we don’t see it
around us, doesn’t mean we’re not consuming it – we all rely on air, food and water.

Part 4: Choices and Consequences
The final episode of The Planet hypothesizes about the future, and what we can do to
stop the pending disaster that will come with drastic global change. Many people
still believe that the earth is just going through a phase, unaffected by our
actions. But in reality, time is running out.


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