Today Greenpeace launched the Carbon Regulatory Offset Committee, or “CROC.

The project integrates online and offline elements to educate

people the dangers of the huge quantities of low-quality carbon

offsets proposed by the US and other developed countries.

With the Senate debate heating up, with proposals for double and

triple counting offsets threatening UN talks, and with more scandals

erupting from offsets, we think the timing couldn’t be better.

Please help spread the word:

Take a minute to laugh at the videos and the ridiculous website, add

CROC to your Facebook / MySpace / Twitter contacts and forward it to

others. See below. And, feel free to use the farcical message from

Carl Cardova, CROC’s spokesperson, to pass the story along to bloggers

and other contacts.



P.S. Here’s an email I intercepted from Carl Cardova, chief press

liaison for the Carbon Regulatory Offset Committee, or C.R.O.C. 😉

You are receiving this because you have been deemed to be an

“influential” by someone who works for me whose name I don’t know. Who

am I? I’m Carl Cordova, chief press liaison for the Carbon Regulatory

Offset Committee, or C.R.O.C.

Today, we are pleased to announce the launch of At

C.R.O.C., our mission is a simple one: extend the flawless logic and

sound reasoning behind the carbon offset system to the average person.

For too long, only big polluters corporations have been able to wallow

in the glory of carbon offsets. What are carbon offsets? In a

nutshell, the philosophy behind them is this: doing something good for

the environment earns you the right to do something bad to it. Makes

sense, right? Thought so.

This system just makes too much sense to limit it only to these

big-polluting multi-national corporations. Our new website exists to

announce this initiative and explain to the good people out there that

their pro-environmental deeds (driving a hybrid, recycling plastic

bottles, etc.) can now earn them the right to perpetrate some good ol’

corporate-style environmental devastation.

Please feel free to plug the living daylights out of this new online

destination and embed our informative, entertaining videos into that

blog-type arrangement you have there. If the environment had manners,

it would thank you.

Sure, some environmental groups like Green Peace are quick to point

out that if all of the allotted carbon offset points were used, it

would basically allow these companies to delay action for years, but

they’re missing the point.



P.S. Please take a minute so we can give CROC an instant online following:

Become a CROC fan on Facebook at

Then update your Facebook or Twitter status with the following text:

“Can you believe this CROC!”

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