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Rising Tide releases “Deal or No Deal”
New primer on the UN climate talks

Rising Tide is pleased to announce the release of the North American edition of Deal or No Deal, a 16 page newspaper exploring issues surrounding the upcoming UN climate talks in Copenhagen from an anti-capitalist, climate justice perspective. Deal or no Deal is an in-depth and highly accessible read that covers the history of international climate negotiations and what’s going on with them in the present. Deal or No Deal delivers a scathing critique the corporate takeover of the UN climate talks, of carbon trading, and of the obstructionist role that rich nations play in the talks, but also focuses on providing insight and inspiration for what we can do to fight back. And of course, it comes complete with pithy cartoons and a slick design.

To download a copy or, better yet, get the real thing mailed to your community, check out this link!

Climate Convergences!

Pittsburgh hosts the 3 Rivers Climate Convergence, on September 21-23. The birthplace of Rachel Carson, climate and environmental justice activists today struggle to stop longwall mining, mountain top removal, marcellus shale gas, the industrialization of the Allegheny National Forest, new power plant construction.

The convergence takes place against the back drop of the G20 meetings and a massive coal conference: all-in-all a week in climate justice movement not to be missed. In the face of government efforts aimed at stifling free speech in Pittsburgh, YOUR involvement and support is triply needed!

Just prior, Richmond, California will be hosting the West Coast Convergence for Climate Justice and Action. The 3 day event takes place September 18-21st. With well over 2 dozen organizations from the climate, environmental justice, human rights, labor and direct action communities coming together to plan the Convergence, it’s expected to be a monumental event. Registration is limited, so apply today! For application and detailed schedule, visit the Convergence website.

Opposition Mounts to bogus American Clean Energy And Security Act

"First we were told not to let the perfect be the enemy of the good. Then we were told not to let the good be the enemy of the mediocre. Then we weren’t to make the mediocre the enemy of the awful. And now we must not be purists who turn the awful into the enemy of the completely disgusting."

A new coalition of environmental and social justice activists — Climate SOS — has formed to directly oppose the current climate legislation (known as ACESA) passed by the US House this summer, which is set to be debate in the Senate later this month.

While many environmental groups are supporting this "worse than nothing" bill, Climate SOS is calling for a rejection of the cap and trade model that is the heart of the legislation.

Climate SOS is currently organizing a political pressure campaign and speaking tour – to get involved check out the website for the Climate SOS tour.

Take Action Oct 12-16
Global Mobilization in Defense of Mother Earth and the Peoples

On May 31, the 4th Continental Summit of Indigenous Peoples Abya Yala (”America”) called for a Global Mobilization in Defense of Mother Earth and the Peoples from October 12-16, 2009.

You can read the inspiring call to action, a united statement from dozens of indigenous groups across North and South America here.

Rising Tide’s allies at the Indigenous Environmental Network and Root Force are providing resources for the day of action. Check out their websites in the coming weeks for more information!

Treesit stops blasting in Coal River Valley
Sitters descended earlier this week, capping a week of resistance

The two tree sitters, both from Rock Creek, West Virginia came down from their 80-foot tulip poplar perches on Monday, after preventing blasting from rocking the homes of Pettry Bottom, West Virginia for a week. Both were charged with trespass, obstruction and littering, and their bail has been set at $25,000 each. They need support!

For the past five days, they endured psychological torture, verbal assault and threats, with Massey coal company hired security guards threatening to rape and kill the treesitters and even putting a running chainsaw to both trees, cutting them a little bit.

The sitters climbed 80 feet up a pair of tulip poplars, within 300 feet of blasting and 30 feet of the Massey’s Surface Mine. They unfurled two banners from their treetop platforms: “Stop Mountain Top Removal” and “DEP – Don’t Expect Protection”. Blasting is prohibited when people are within such proximity, as Mining Safety and Health Administration regulations require that people not be hurt in the course of blasting and that non-blasting employees all be cleared from the area.

This is the thirteenth in a series of non-violent direct actions in West Virginia that have brought together Coal River Valley residents, NASA climate scientist James Hansen, students, underground miners, military veterans, concerned citizens and environmentalists from across the nation with the goal of ending mountaintop removal.

That’s all from Rising Tide North America till next month – thanks for your support and action!


500 take on Chevron
Mobilization for Climate Justice kicks off in Richmond, CA – 13 arrested. Read on…
UK Climate Camp Report!
The UK’s London Climate Camp just wrapped up with more actions then we can count: Read about it here!
Join the Climate Pledge of Resistance
Rising Tide and allies form new direct action network to go "Beyond Talk"Join us!
Toward Climate Justice: Can we turn back from the abyss?
A great review of the state of affairs of climate policy, by Brian Tokar.
Rising Tide is partnering with "The Age of Stupid"
Rising Tide is partnering with the makers of The Age of Stupid this fall for their global premiere. Rising Tide local contacts can host screenings throughout the fall and winter, In the mean time, gear up for the Global Premiere on September 21. More details on our website.



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