Join the climate contingent at the People’s Uprising march on the G20 in Pittsburgh Sept 24th


Rising Tide invites you to join the climate contingent at the People’s Uprising march on the G20 in Pittsburgh

Thursday Sept 24.

Meet at 2:30 pm at Arsenal Park (40th Street & Penn Avenue in Lawrenceville)

Look for the “Our Climate is not Your Business” banner

The people who are responsible for evicting poor families from their homes and displacing entire peoples through wars of conquest, are the same people responsible for the climate crisis that evicts thousands from their communities each year as sea levels rise, droughts spread, and rivers overflow their banks.  On Sept 24th and 25th they will be meeting in Pittsburgh to salvage an economic system that wreaks havoc upon our communities and ecosystems. We will not be fooled by their desperate PR campaign to paint capitalism green, nor their attempts to solve the climate crisis via the very same free market ideology that created this mess. It is plain to see, capitalism means crisis.

As the Big Greens ready the beds in their luxury hotels to continue their love affair with corporate America, thousands will be flooding the streets of Pittsburgh to take direct action against the G20 and its destructive policies. Rising Tide invites all those who recognize capitalism as a root cause of climate change to join the climate contingent at the People’s Uprising mass march on the G20 on Thursday Sept 24th. This is an un-permitted march to the G20 summit site being organized by a coalition of anti-capitalist, student, labor, ecological, and anti-war groups. For the full call to action check: .

We also encourage everyone to partake in the day of decentralized actions in the morning on Friday Sept 25 ( and the Environmental/Climate Justice feeder march that afternoon. For more information check out about the feeder march and the 3 Rivers Climate Convergence Sept 20-25:

You can’t bail out a dead planet!

-Rising Tide North America

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