Action is Our New Year’s Resolution!

Dear Friends,

While many environmental groups have spent the past year bumbling over climate legislation and devising better list-building and branding strategies, Rising Tide has been building the climate justice movement and challenging the root causes of climate change. Nowhere is this more evident than in the northern Rockies.

Over the past year, climate activists in Montana and Idaho, led by Northern Rockies Rising Tide have organized to stop mining equipment shipments bound for Canada’s oil sands.


Sign up for the April 20 Day of Action Against Extraction

Oregon, Idaho and Montana have fast become a hub of resistance to tar sands oil expansion. Companies like Exxon and Conoco Phillips have spent millions in hauling this equipment from Korea, up the Columbia and Snake Rivers to Lewiston, ID where they are awaiting transport on big rigs to Alberta. Once in Alberta they will continue the expansion of tar sands to feed pipelines with oil to the United States and Asia.

Local activists from the region have fought these “heavy haul” shipments in the courts, the regulatory hearings, the media and the community. They’ve organized teach-ins and action camps, but each day the oil barons get closer and closer to beginning the shipments. This spring, the campaign will only escalate as residents will use people powered to slow the flow of climate-destroying earth-wrecking tar sands oil.

Northern Rockies Rising Tide is one chapter in Rising Tide’s network. On April 20th, the anniversary of the BP oil spill, Rising Tide groups all over North America will be taking action against extractive industry. It’s time we began to push back whether it’s in the mountains of Appalachia, the streets of San Francisco, New York or Chicago or on the oil drenched shores of the Gulf of Mexico. Get involved now!

Sign up for the April 20 Day of Action Against Extraction

Thanks for all you do.

For Mother Earth,
Rising Tide North America

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