Fearless Summer Week of Action June 24th-29th

Over the past few years we’ve witnessed a rising tide of courage from the frontlines; communities from the pinewoods of East Texas to the hollers of West Virginia have come together to defend the land and the people from the ravages of extreme energy.  Yet with every new frack-well drilled, pipeline laid, and mountain blasted, the extraction industry pushes our planet closer to irreversible tipping points.

But now we are coming together as a movement to push back.

For too long we have struggled separately and we are running out of time. If we are going to reclaim our future, we must begin to speak with one voice. That’s why we are calling for the national movement against extreme energy to join in a summer of coordinated action. As this industry continues to escalate its attack of life on earth, we must respond by asserting our dignity and escalating our action for a livable future. In the face of unfathomable ecological destruction and looming runaway climate change, we must take the kind of bold action that is necessary to save the planet.  We must all draw our lines in the sand.  We must face our fears together; we must take our future fearlessly into our hands and change business as usual.

Will you join us in ringing in a #FearlessSummer?

This spring has already featured a slew of bold actions across the county and there’s no sign of it slowing down.  We’ve created a movement calendar and, as you can see, this is going to be a bold and busy summer of action!  This summer will be moving non-stop with regional convergences, training camps, and focused direct actions all over the continent targeting extreme energy.  By embracing a common message that elevates the voices of those most impacted
and rejects all forms of dirty energy extraction, each of these actions can become more powerful.

To call attention to our new unity and collective power, we are calling for the first week of coordinated action against extreme energy on June 24th-29th. Weeks of action will be flashpoints that will build momentum and solidarity throughout the long, hot summer and push our message of fearless, united resistance into the national conversation.  Our support for these struggles know no borders and we stand in solidarity with the indigenous people of Turtle Island (so-called North America) and their own fearless struggle, “Sovereignty Summer.”

No one owns #FearlessSummer.  We encourage you to empower your community to plan your own action against the extraction industry and utilize our social media to help amplify your struggle.

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