Local Residents and Activists Stage Their Own “Bradwood Landing”

Press Release **For Immediate Release** 

Monica Vaughan 
(541) 521-1832 / media@climateconvergence.org

Photo/Video Opportunities: Colorful, Creative Acts of Resistance at site 
of proposed LNG terminal. 

Press boat available. 

Local Residents and Activists Stage Their Own "Bradwood Landing" 

Puget Island, WA - Organizers and activists are occupying the proposed 
Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) facility site, demonstrating their resolute 
opposition to the NorthernStar project at Bradwood, OR.  At noon, boats 
from Puget Island will land on the beach at Bradwood where NorthernStar 
Natural Gas is seeking permits to develop an LNG import facility they have 
named "Bradwood Landing." 

The "No LNG Armada" will highlight the extreme proximity (less than ½ 
mile) of the LNG proposal to residents of Puget Island.  Recent 
photographs produced by NorthernStar show every house within 2 miles of 
the Bradwood proposal with a number on its roof.  The images correspond 
roughly to the potential fire hazard and vapor cloud dispersion area in 
the case of a large LNG spill. 

The issue is not only about the local impacts. George Exum, who lives 
within one mile of the proposed site pointed out, "the destruction caused 
by this industry will be much greater than the immediate local impacts. 
Not only are our estuary and community threatened by this fossil fuel 
project, but the health of the entire Columbia River is at stake.  These 
public waters would be permanently impacted by LNG construction, and 
security zones would exclude boaters from these areas if this proposal is 

The direct action is orchestrated by local anti-LNG resisters working with 
regional and international climate change activists who recently 
participated in the nearby Convergence for Climate Action. 

Monica Vaughan added, "The first step in a community-based response to 
climate change is to stop the development of new fossil fuel 
infrastructure."  Due to its long supply chain, LNG is significantly worse 
than conventional natural gas in its carbon footprint, and participants 
hope to inspire opposition to the next generation of climate-changing 
foreign fossil fuels. 

Participants will occupy the site of the LNG terminal in public spaces 
that will be off limits to public access if the project is approved. 

Photo/Press Opportunities: 
Mass Action during early afternoon on Puget Island, Monday, August 13th 
will include opportunities to interview local residents impacted by 
NorthernStar LNG proposal and Climate Convergence participants.   Colorful 
signs and boats will make for ample photo opportunities of this proposed 
LNG site on the Columbia River.  Media are also welcome to view the action 
from a boat piloted by a local resident. 

189 Ostervold Road, Puget Island, 12 Noon 

From Portland (approximately 90 minutes) 
Take I-5 North 
Take Exit 36 and merge onto Hwy 432 W in Longview towards Long Beach and 
Hwy 4. 
Follow signs on Hwy 432 for Hwy 4/Ocean Beach Hwy. 
Turn Left onto Hwy 4/Ocean Beach Hwy going West 
Drive 24 miles to Cathlamet, WA. 
In Cathlamet, turn left on WA 409/Main Street. 
Go over bridge to Puget Island. 
Turn Right on Birnie Slough Road. 
Road forks twice - stay right. 
At sharp left turn, road becomes Ostervold Rd. (currently no sign) You'll 
find us at 189 Ostervold Rd. 

(Ferry runs from Westport every hour at 15 mins. past the hour) 
exit the ferry, proceed on the main road on Puget Island 
Before the bridge to Cathlamet, turn LEFT to Birnie Slough Road 
forks twice, stay right 
approximately 2.5 miles, veers LEFT and becomes OSTERVOLD road (currently no 
Meet us at 189 Ostervold Road 

From Astoria 
Go EAST on Hwy 4 
Through Skomwakawa, 
Turn Right at Cathlament and take WA 409/Main Street through Cathlamet 
follow sign towards WESTPORT FERRY and Puget Island 
at the STOP SIGN, turn RIGHT onto Bernie Slough Road 
forks twice, stay right 
approximately 2.5 miles, veers LEFT and becomes OSTERVOLD road (currently no 
Meet us at 189 Ostervold Road 

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