Rally against Cliffside coal plant, April 5th: Charlotte, NC

The North Carolina Student Climate Coalition is hosting a Fossil Fools
Dayrally at Freedom Park (1900 East Blvd.) in Charlotte, North
Carolina on
Saturday April 5th at 11:00am to 1:30pm*.Join students, politicians, grassroots organizations, people of faith and
climate change experts in a demonstration to stop Duke Energy’s expansion of
the Cliffside coal-fired power plant in Rutherford County! The proposed
plant will emit 5.5 million tons of CO2 annually and will cost ratepayers
$2.4 billion dollars. The air quality permit lacks a hard cap on mercury and
is a threat to public heath. With 45% of children in Western North Carolina
diagnosed with asthma, burning more coal and emitting more pollution, even
with new technologies, is a practice of the past. We need Duke Energy–the
third highest contributor to global climate change in the country–to invest
in the future. Through energy efficiency and renewable energy, we can
responsibly take on the climate crisis that our planet faces and also meet
the population’s energy needs.

For more info on Cliffside, go to www.stopcliffside.org.
Check out our event pages at http://www.stopcliffside.org/news.php?item.6.2
RSVP* for Fossil Fools Day and *stay tuned for more info on the event* at

Who: You and hundreds of other North Carolinians
What: A Fossil Fools Rally to stop Cliffside!
Where: Freedom Park (1900 East Blvd), Charlotte, NC
When: Saturday March 5th at 11:00 AM
Why: Because the future of North Carolina is too important to build another
dirty coal plant!

See you on the 5th!
Vote for Duke Energy CEO Jim Rogers for the Outstanding Performance in
Corporate Greenwashing Award!

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