Direct Action against the Climate Criminals

Rising Tide North America's First Direct Action - A coal plant blockade in Virginia, July 2006

Rising Tide North America firmly believes in the use of non-violent direct action as an necessary tool for challenge injustice and the grip climate killing corporations hold on our survival as a species.

RTNA’s groups often use direct action tactics — from critical mass bike rides, to office occupations and coal plant blockades — and provides training, support, and action ideas to community groups and organizations around North America. We see such actions as part of the rich tradition of civil disobedience for social justice around North America and the world.

Throughout 2008 RTNA is developing a number of printed resources providing ideas for protest targets that people around North America can find in their communities. Additionally, we will be providing literature with action planning advice.

We are also connecting with communities across North America who would like to expand their use of direct action, providing training and on-the-ground support.

If you’d like to help in our training efforts or would like support in organizing direct actions in your community, please contact action-[AT]-RisingTideNorthAmerica-[DOT]-org

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