International Journal of Biometeorology

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International Journal of Biometeorology
Volume 52, Number 7 / September, 2008
Pages 553-715

Publisher Springer Berlin/Heidelberg
ISSN 0020-7128 (Print) 1432-1254 (Online)

Subject Collection Biomedical and Life Sciences
SpringerLink Date Thursday, August 21, 2008

Table of Contents

Atmospheric pressure fluctuations in the far
infrasound range and emergency transport events
coded as circulatory system diseases
L. A. Didyk, Yu. P. Gorgo, J. J. J. Dirckx, V. B.
Bogdanov, J. A. N. Buytaert, V. A. Lysenko, N. P.
Didyk, A. V. Vershygora and V. T. Erygina

Surface characteristics of grasslands in Inner
Mongolia as detected by micrometeorological
Bettina Ketzer, Huizhi Liu and Christian Bernhofer

Effects of evaporative cooling on the regulation
of body water and milk production in crossbred
Holstein cattle in a tropical environment
N. Chaiyabutr, S. Chanpongsang and S. Suadsong

European larch phenology in the Alps: can we
grasp the role of ecological factors by combining
field observations and inverse modelling?
M. Migliavacca, E. Cremonese, R. Colombo, L.
Busetto, M. Galvagno, L. Ganis, M. Meroni, E.
Pari, M. Rossini, C. Siniscalco and U. Morra di

Reconstructing dry and wet summers in SE Slovenia from oak tree-ring series
Katarina _ufar, Martin De Luis, Dieter Eckstein and Lu_ka Kajfe_-Bogataj

Representativity of a mesoscale network for
weather-related factors governing pollen dispersal
Daryl E. Herzmann, Jeffrey D. Wolt and Raymond Arritt

Regional trends for bud burst and flowering of
woody plants in Norway as related to climate
Ø. Nordli, F. E. Wielgolaski, A. K. Bakken, S. H.
Hjeltnes, F. Måge, A. Sivle and O. Skre

Synoptic climatology of the long-distance
dispersal of white pine blister rust. I.
Development of an upper level synoptic
K. L. Frank, L. S. Kalkstein, B. W. Geils and H. W. Thistle

Synoptic climatology of the long-distance
dispersal of white pine blister rust II.
Combination of surface and upper-level conditions
K. L. Frank, B. W. Geils, L. S. Kalkstein and H. W. Thistle

Climate change and its impact on birch pollen
quantities and the start of the pollen season an
example from Switzerland for the period 1969-2006
Thomas Frei and Ewald Gassner

Long-range transport of beech ( Fagus sylvatica
L.) pollen to Catalonia (north-eastern Spain)
J. Belmonte, M. Alarcón, A. Avila, E. Scialabba and D. Pino

Temperature, air pollution and total mortality
during summers in Sydney, 1994-2004
Wenbiao Hu, Kerrie Mengersen, Anthony McMichael and Shilu Tong

SOLWEIG 1.0 – Modelling spatial variations of 3D
radiant fluxes and mean radiant temperature in
complex urban settings
Fredrik Lindberg, Björn Holmer and Sofia Thorsson

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