Protect Ancient Forests and Wild Salmon, Take Action Today!

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October 27,  2008
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Protect Ancient Forests and Wild Salmon, Take Action Today!

The Oregonian printed an opinion-editorial from former U.S. Congressman Les
AuCoin on the BLM’s Western Oregon Plan Revisions entitled,
_for_th.html> “An environmental legacy for the taking.” AuCoin represented Oregon in
the U.S. Congress for 18 years. The editorial reads, in part:

These towering forests are at the heart of Oregon’s identity. They define our state.
Our communities rely on pristine forests for clean drinking water. Ancient forest
groves are some of our best places to recreate and find solace. Over the years, we
have come to learn the important role our mature and old-growth forests play in
providing habitat for endangered salmon and other unique species. Recent research is
confirming that preserving and restoring our old-growth forests is vital to the
effort to combat climate change.

The first version of the WOPR logging plan flunked scientific review and prompted
almost 30,000 people to voice their concerns. Now that the plan is
entering its final approval stages, the general public can no longer offer comments.

That means Kulongoski is the only man who can stand in the way of the Bush
administration loosing chain saws into thousands of acres of our last remaining
old-growth forests.

Past Oregon governors have handed down a legacy that we enjoy to this day. Our
beaches are pristine. Our valuable farmland has been preserved. For us to one day
look back proudly on the legacy of Gov. Ted Kulongoski, he must defend our forests
and reject the Bush logging plan now.

_for_th.html>  here to read the entire opinion-editorial.

Please take action today for the forests and salmon of western Oregon!

The Final Plan outlines a destructive management strategy that will heavily
impact the Siskiyou Wild Rivers Area. Under law, Governor Kulongoski is allowed a
60-day “consistency review” period that began last week. Governor
Kulongoski is the only elected official standing between the Bush
Administration and western Oregon’s forests and salmon. It is imperative that the
governor hears from you today! Let him know you appreciate these public lands – that
you visit them, recreate in them and value them for the
wildlife habitat, water and climate services they provide. If you live outside of
the state, please join Oregonians in contacting Oregon’s Governor
and remind him that these are public forests – entrusted to the government to manage
on behalf of all!

Please contact Governor Kulongoski and ask that he help protect all of Oregon’s
remaining public old-growth and not promote clearcutting on our public lands. Urge
him to reject the WOPR and tell the BLM to come back with
a plan that moves us forward in the forest.

Governor Kulongoski
Phone: 503-378-4582
Snail mail: 160 State Capitol, 900 Court St., Salem, Oregon 97301-4047;   Email
online: <>

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to Governor Kulongoski.

Shane Jimerfield
Executive Director
<> Siskiyou Project
213 SE H. St., Grants Pass, OR 97526
Office: 541-476-6648, Cell: 541-499-2064

Learn more about the Siskiyou Wild Rivers Area and our efforts to secure permanent
protection for its

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