Resource: Filmmaker Rebecca Sommer-Climate Change, Indigenous Peoples, the UN, & REDD

Rebecca Sommer is a German artist, journalist, photographer, documentary
filmmaker, and human rights activist. She is the representative for the
Indigenous Department USA of the Society for Threatened Peoples [2], an
international NGO in special consultative status to the United Nations
(ECOSOC), and in participatory status with the Council of Europe. She
founded Earth Peoples [3], a global circle of indigenous peoples working
together to promote the natural and human rights of indigenous peoples.

Rebecca Sommer earns her living as an artist, with works in beauty,
fashion, print and film, and has worked as the editor-at-large for
magazines such as Scene, Madison, and Spirit while living in Germany,
India, Great Britain, Brazil, South Africa and the USA.

For a listing of her current & past film documentaries:


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