Your field guide to climate action this summer

Climate Ground Zero, West Virginia, All Summer

Come to West Virginia to take direct action against mountaintop removal coal mining. CGZ will be coordinating action training camps and organizing actions against coal companies destroying the mountains and communities of WV. We will have non-violence and other trainings, a kitchen and people who can explain the corrupt practice of MTR. We are hoping to shut down the sites on an ongoing basis all summer long. But we need your help.

Contact Guin at 304-854-7372,

Cascadia Summer 2009

The Pacific Northwest is looking hot for direct action this summer with plans for massive public lands logging on the table. Thanks to a scheme called the Western Oregon Plan Revisions (WOPR) passed by Bush at the last minute around 25,000 acres of public lands will be cut. That’s a 436% percent increase in logging. Aside from the horrific impacts on the local ecosystem the logging would result in releasing 180 million tons of carbon into the atmosphere. The equivalent of putting one million cars on the road for 132 years.

Fortunately Oregonians are gearing up for a summer of resistance with several action camps and direct actions planned throughout the summer:

May 23-25 Cascadia Summer Campaign Action Camp

June 20-26 Trans and Womyns Action Camp

June 29-July 6 Earth First! Round River Rendezvous

July 8-July 15 EF! Climbers Guild Intensive Climb Camp

For more information contact

Mountain Justice Summer 2009

Come to the coalfields of Appalachia to support communities resisting mountaintop removal coal mining. Activities include community service projects, field monitoring, water testing, listening projects and direct action.

West Coast Convergence for Climate Justice and Action

August 13-16 Richmond, CA (Bay Area)
A gathering of groups and individuals coming together to fight for climate justice. Come out for several days of workshops, trainings, and action. The Convergence will culminate in a mass action at Chevron’s Richmond Refinery on Aug. 17
2009 Earth First Round River Rendezvous

June 29 – July 6 Oregon

Enjoy a week of backwoods camping with hundreds of other eco-rebels in the lush temperate rainforests of Oregon. There will be workshops, direct action trainings, tree sitting trainings, and partying around the campfire. Learn about biocentrism and deep ecology and the importance of defending our Mother Earth.

Black Mesa Indigenous Support

Ongoing, year-round

For decades traditional Dine (Navajo) and Hopi families have been resisting forced relocation from their traditional lands to make way for Peabody Coal’s massive strip mine. Black Mesa Indigenous Support connects volunteers with families who are still resisting relocation. Work includes herding sheep, chopping firewood, driving elders to important meetings and appointments and much more.  This solidarity work greatly helps families to continue to defend their land and live a traditional lifestyle while enduring the hardships imposed by the US and Tribal governments and Peabody Coal.

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