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Rising Tide North America – Climate Justice Action News – October 2009

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More than a little bit of action against carbon trading!

Rising Tide and our friends with the Greenwash Guerillas and Climate SOS were raising a major ruckus against carbon trading all around NYC last month.

First Cap’n Trade took the stage with the Connie Hedegaard, the chair of the UN climate summit on Copenhagen. Then there was a banner dropped over a UN motorcade, and then a special delivery at the offices of NRDC, who has been one of the most tireless advocates for Cap and Trade, ignoring even the most absurd loopholes (like the 2 BILLION tons of offsets allowed).

Since the actions, even John Stewart has weighed in on Congress’s Cap’n Trade antics on the Daily Show!

West Coast Climate Justice Activists Say: Cap the Crude – Ditch the Trade!

Activists from across the west coast joined residents of Richmond, CA for the West Coast Convergence for Climate Justice and Action, from September 18-20th at St. Luke’s United Methodist Church in Richmond.

The goal of the Convergence was to connect local environmental justice struggles, especially the Richmond community’s ongoing struggle against the local Chevron refinery, to the global fight for climate justice. According to Carla Perez, one of the conference organizers, “the convergence was a gathering of stellar minds & hearts rooted in community organizing for social and ecological justice. It brought clarity and a deep understanding of the root causes of the climate problem and inspired Richmond leaders to connect their local work to this global struggle for a livable future.”

On Monday, September 21st, conference participants demonstrated outside of Senator Barbara Boxer’s office and outside of Chevron’s “Energy Solutions” office in downtown San Francisco demanding that corporations be kept out of climate policy. Participants took over the intersection in front of Chevron’s offices, where they unfurled a giant parachute banner reading, “Climate Justice or Climate Chaos?” to emphasize that false, corporate solutions will lead to dangerous climate chaos.

More to come! The Mobilization for Climate Justice Continues!

Rising Tide spearheading 350 Day of Action Project – get involved!

Rising Tide North America is pleased to announce the commencement of a short, marathon effort to create a list of 350 reasons to oppose carbon trading, as part of the 350 day of action!

We are enthusiastic about this project, but we CAN NOT do it without help!

The quickest way to help is simply to submit reasons to include – you can do this via our webform at www.350reasons.org. Also great would be forwarding this to any friends and colleagues, reposting it to websites, etc.

We’ll have resources for the 350 day of action – a zine, stickers, and more – coming soon! Check out RT’s website and www.350reasons.org in the coming days for more!

Order it Now! “Deal or No Deal”
New primer on the UN climate talks

Rising Tide is pleased to announce the release of the North American edition of Deal or No Deal, a 16 page newspaper exploring issues surrounding the upcoming UN climate talks in Copenhagen from an anti-capitalist, climate justice perspective. Deal or no Deal is an in-depth and highly accessible read that covers the history of international climate negotiations and what’s going on with them in the present. Deal or No Deal delivers a scathing critique the corporate takeover of the UN climate talks, of carbon trading, and of the obstructionist role that rich nations play in the talks, but also focuses on providing insight and inspiration for what we can do to fight back. And of course, it comes complete with pithy cartoons and a slick design.

To download a copy or, better yet, get the real thing mailed to your community, check out this link!


That’s all from Rising Tide North America till next month – thanks for your support and action!


Support Indigenous People’s Coal Resistance!
Join the Caravan in Support of Communities On The Front Lines at Big Mountain, Black Mesa, AZ.
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End Mountaintop Removal Day of Action!
October 30, 2009.
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