Hoodwinked 2nd Edition – Coming Soon!

Cover ImageRising Tide North America is pleased to announce plans for the release of the 2nd edition of our ground-breaking booklet, Hoodwinked in the Hothouse!

Hoodwinked in the Hothouse was the first-ever short and accessible, yet close-to-comprehensive guide to bogus climate solutions like clean coal and industrial agrofuels. (You can download the booklet’s 1st edition here).

Last year’s 5,000 print run of Hoodwinked was exhausted within a few short months; demand for them was far higher than we could have imagined. The booklet has been downloaded thousands of times and is now available in three languages with additional translations in the works. The booklet’s release clearly filled a void in the educational materials of the global climate justice movement.

We are now seeking community and individual support for a much larger 2nd print run, to be released at the US Social Forum in Detroit this summer, simultaneously in both English and Spanish.

We hope you’ll agree that it is extremely important – considering growing support for nuclear power and clean coal within the Obama administration – that a booklet providing a comprehensive critique of “false solutions” remains in print. With the incredible pace of the climate policy debate, the booklet is already out of date in several areas, particularly on crucial topics like REDD (a major new forest offset scheme), which was just emerging at the time of initial publication last year.

Equally important, we received great feedback from allies that the booklet needs to be expanded to include other technologies that are unfortunately being branded as “green” despite the grave dangers associated with them, such as waste incineration, biochar, and genetically engineered “carbon sucking” trees. We also want to include much more information on real solutions, positive steps we can take to stop the climate crisis.

During these past 2 years, many small donors and a tiny handful of larger ones who recognize the critical importance of deep grassroots climate organizing in the United States have helped make Rising Tide’s work possible. We have grown to have contacts and chapter in more than 50 cities across North America. Yet we remain as committed as ever to our organizing model, a 100% volunteer run network with virtually no overhead, working to create a grassroots climate movement that empowers organizers over organizations.

We have budgeted this project at $10,000 (including shipping and printing). We have a goal to distribute 20,000 copies Hoodwinked this year but – simply put – we will not reach this goal without your help and donations.

We are asking supporters of hoodwinked to donate whatever they can manage – $25, $100, or $500 – today in order to make this printing possible!

We are also initiating a “print-run collaboration” – by pre-purchasing a bulk package of booklets “at cost”, it helps reduce the cost of printing for everyone getting the booklet. For major co-sponsors of the booklet we would (if you’d like) add your groups name and logo and website to the printing (please reply to this email for more details!).

Unlike the vast majority of Rising Tide’s work – community organizing, non-violent civil disobedience, and educational presentations – printing projects like the reprinting of Hoodwinked in the Hothouse requires thousands of dollars to make a reality. Rising Tide pinches pennies in a way most progressive organizations would find almost inconceivable and does more on a zero-to-low budget than many groups with orders of magnitude more funding. While it represents only a portion of our overall work, because of the money involved, getting this project off the ground is a challenge for us. People power we have, but dollars we can not do without your help.

For information on donating please visit http://www.risingtidenorthamerica.org/donate/ – please be sure to indicate on your pay pal or check that you want your donation to support the 2nd edition of Hoodwinked in the Hothouse.

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