Water Protectors Ascend Trees to Block Enbridge From Drilling Line 3 Tar Sands Under Mississippi River

photo via Ginew Collective

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December 4th, 2020
Palisade, MN – Two water protectors began tree sits in the forest set to be logged for the drill pad of Enbridge’s Line 3 tar sands pipeline at the Missisippi River. These sits are direct blockades to the attempt by Enbridge to drill Line 3 under the Mississippi River.
On Monday, Democrat Governor Tim Walz’ administration approved the final permits for Enbridge’s Line 3, a nearly 1M barrel per day tar sands pipeline transporting oil from Alberta for distribution to foreign market.
Tribal nations and local groups are seeking an injunction to stay construction while pending lawsuits are considered and the massive health risks building Line 3 poses during the COVID-19 pandemic – their request will be heard today at Minnesota Public Utility Commission. As of December 2nd, Minnesota is number one in the United States for number of COVID-19 cases per day. Enbridge has established multiple worksites along the Line 3 route with temporary housing facilities for its workers.
From their platform in the air, Willow said, “As I look out over the Mississippi River, the central artery of life on the Northern half of Turtle Island, I am comfortable in the certainty that we’re on the right side of history following the biological imperative encoded in our very DNA — to cherish life.”
Liam DelMain, 22, of Minneapolis, said, “Water is not invincible. That’s why I am here. Because Line 3 is a threat to the waters I hold dear, and that we all rely on. This pipeline project is violence. It is violence on the water, and on the people. It is a project that disregards the treaty rights of indigenous people, accepts the inevitable toxic spills into waterways, and greatly heightens the death toll of the COVID-19 pandemic in local communities. I am here, putting my body on the line, because I have been left with no other choices.”
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