Grandmothers Blockade Enbridge Line 3 Pipe Yard as Record Setting Heat Rages Across Globe

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July 2, 2021
Grandmothers Blockade Enbridge Line 3 Pipe Yard as Record Setting Heat Rages Across Globe
(Lake George, MN) Today, 3 grandmothers blockaded an Enbridge Line 3 pipe yard nearby the Mississippi Headwaters. The non-violent direct action follows 14 lockdowns at another Line 3 worksite yesterday, including an Indigenous matriarch.
Sheriffs in Hubbard County have dramatically escalated harassment of Water Protectors, barricading Namewag camp on Monday. Hubbard County requested state aid after sending a riot line into Namewag’s driveway and arresting 12 people, most of whom are women. The request appears to be honored, as dozens of state patrol cars were on scene yesterday and a heavy presence is now in Hubbard County.
While Minnesota relentlessly targets non-violent Water Protectors, a second sex trafficking ring with Enbridge employees was busted on Monday. The Hubbard County Sheriff was on-site arresting the 3 grandmothers standing up for the future as pipe trucks were turned away.
As Water Protectors put their bodies on the line to defend the sacred, record-setting heat cooks the globe. 13 people have died so far Seattle alone, during the extreme heatwave as wild fires rage across the seaboard.
Judy Smucker said, “I’m here as a Grandmother. I have grand children and a family that I love. We are at a great moment in our history, a tipping point. Mother Earth has given us all these gifts for free: clean water, clean air. We have to take care of it. It’s the heart of everything: we take care of mother earth, she takes care of us. “
Claudia Sheehan said, “Action is very important. Without action there is complacency, with complaceny we give the greed in the world a chance to grow. You have to stand up for your beliefs, you have to allow the spirit to move you. Take action, find your spirit and yourself that’s going to guide you and go with it.”
Anne said, “Action is crucial now, and there are actions that everyone can take. Start learning. What is the connection between our energy day customs, habits, especially consumerism, and a pipeline threatening Native lands in Minnesota? That’s a connection that we are taught not too see. So we have to learn and take action. “
Giniw Collective is an Indigenous-women, 2-Spirit led frontline resistance to protect our Mother, defend the sacred and live in balance. We stand unafraid. Prayers into action. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram @GiniwCollective
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