Defend the Grayling Forest

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There’s a new campaign emerging in the woods of Michigan.

Camp Grayling (largest national guard training base in the US at 148,000 acres) in Crawford County, MI is looking to more than double its size by leasing 162,000 acres of public use state forest for training against “new threats such as space and cyber warfare.”

Various local orgs came out against it, citing the environmental risks, lack of transparency and accountability, and Camp Grayling’s history of knowingly contaminating Lake Margarethe and Crawford’s broader ecosystem.

The project is also complicit with US imperialism, militarism,the carceral state, hundreds of years of colonialism, and the ongoing replacement of EVERYTHING beautiful with plastic, toxic chemicals, police training facilities, and office space.

Camp Grayling’s new zine that dropped this week:

“A Camp Grayling expansion is a bomb dropped thousands of miles away on relatives we have yet to meet, from a sky that is also without birds… It is an escalation by those who make war against those who don’t.”


They’re also touring the region talking about the campaign.

Stop the military dystopia! Stop Camp Grayling.

Follow us and join the resistance.

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