ACT: Tell the Atlanta Police Foundation: Stop Cop City!

The Atlanta Police Foundation (APF) is trying to build the largest police training facility in the US (also known as Cop City) in the Weelaunee Forest, an urban forest in southeast Atlanta, GA. The forest in Southeast Atlanta is home to wetlands that filter rainwater and prevent flooding and plays an important role of climate resiliency in the region.

Tell the Atlanta Police Foundation: Stop Cop City!

After it was stolen from the Muscogee Creek people, it was a plantation in the 1800s and a prison farm in the 1900s. Today, it is surrounded by a Black community that overwhelmingly opposes the project. It remains hallowed ground.

The Cop City plans include a 400 acre military-grade training facility that includes a mock city to practice urban warfare, dozens of shooting ranges, and a Black Hawk helicopter landing pad. Police from all over the country will be training there. The city began planning it in response to the 2020 uprisings.

Forest defenders and community activists have courageously resisted Cop City since 2021 with protest, tree-sits, sabotage and pressure campaigns against politicians, construction contractors and the APF’s corporate sponsors.

Tell the Atlanta Police Foundation: Stop Cop City !

The goal of the campaign has been to stop the deforestation of this sacred urban forest. Two weeks ago, forest defender, comrade and friend Tortuguita was murdered by Georgia police when they carried out a violent raid of encampments in the Weelaunee Forest.

The Atlanta Police Foundation is the biggest supporter and funder of Cop City. We’re demanding that APF’s board cancel Cop City and resign immediately.

We need you to join us in taking action and tell the Atlanta Police Foundation to stop Cop City!

With love and rage in our hearts.

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