February 9th: #StopCopCity Webinar at 8PM EST/7pm CST/6pm MST/5pm PST

Frontline organizers in Atlanta are calling for urgent support to Stop Cop City.

For years, forest defenders, abolitionists and the community of Atlanta defended the Weelaunee forest and prevented the construction of a massive police training compound. On January 18, the Atlanta Police Department murdered Tortuguita, a leader of the resistance, during a violent raid to clear the defenders encampment. Two weeks after murdering Tortuguita, the final permits for Cop City were approved.

We stand with the people of Atlanta and honor Tortuguita. Cop City will never be built.

The movement to Defend the Atlanta Forest has called for a week of solidarity actions from February 19-26th, and for a Mass Mobilization in Atlanta March 4th-11th. We need to let the Atlanta Police Department, their foundation backers, the contractors and all the financiers behind this project know that this project is doomed.

Join the informational webinar to learn more about how to support this movement.

On February 9th, 8PM EST/7pm CST/6pm MST/5pm PST, the movement to Defend the Atlanta Forest is hosting No Cop City Anywhere, Defend the Forest Everywhere,. Join this informational webinar to hear from forest defenders and abolitionists to hear about what’s happening on the ground in Atlanta in the Weelaunee Forest, how you can join the upcoming Week of Solidarity Actions and the Mass Mobilization in Atlanta.

No Cop City Anywhere. Defend the Forest Everywhere.

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