Solidarity letter from RTNA to climate activists in Copenhagen


We are writing to express our solidarity with your efforts to organize against the UN Climate Conference next year in Copenhagen. As you may know November 30th 1999 was a historic day in the US, and indeed the world. On that day thousands took to the streets of Seattle and shut down the World Trade Organizations ministerial, while hundreds of thousands went on strike, marched, and took direct action around the world. On that day we came together to say no to corporate control of the Earth and our lives and yes to life and freedom for all. Continue reading

As Hurricane Ike Devastates the Gulf Coast, Protesters Lock Their Bodies to New Dominion Coal-fired Power Plant, 11 Arrested

Members of Asheville Rising Tide traveled to Wise County to support this inspiring action organized by local Wise County residents, Earth First!ers, and anti-coal campaigners. As we listened to events in the Gulf unfold in the wake of Hurricane Ike, it seemed appropriate to be acting in solidarity with community activists at the ground zero of climate change, a new coal-fired power plant fueled by mountain top removal coal blasted out of the surrounding mountains. We hope this escalation will contribute another step toward building a mass movement against coal extraction and burning everywhere…

Monday, September 15th

Wise County, VA-At 6:00am this morning around 30 people from across the country blocked the entrance to the construction site of Dominion Virginia’s new coal-fired power plant in Wise County, VA. Continue reading

Hoopla for the North Woods: Maine Earth First! Says No More Games; Bold Protest Urges LURC to Reject Massive Plum Creek Development Plan

Wednesday, August 13 NOON
Land Use Regulatory Commission (LURC) 18 Elkins Lane – Harlow Building  22 State
House Station Augusta, Maine 04333-0022

For More Information Contact: Logan Perkins – 207-615-5158

Hoopla for the North Woods
Maine Earth First! says No More Games
Bold Protest Urges LURC to Reject Massive Plum Creek Development Plan

Augusta, ME – In a bold stunt today, a dozen people affiliated with  Maine Earth First!, protested at the LURC office in Augusta. One woman  suspended herself 35 feet in the air from a giant tripod made of wooden  poles, while others hula-hooped on the ground below her. Under the  banner “LURC: Do the right thing! No Development! Plum Creek can’t buy  ME” the concerned citizens gathered to make it clear that the only  responsible decision is for LURC to reject Plum Creek’s entire plan.  Maine Earth First! is an all-volunteer group of Maine citizens working toward the protection of all remaining wild places in Maine as sources  of biodiversity, climate stability and cultural heritage.

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