February 9th: #StopCopCity Webinar at 8PM EST/7pm CST/6pm MST/5pm PST

Frontline organizers in Atlanta are calling for urgent support to Stop Cop City.

For years, forest defenders, abolitionists and the community of Atlanta defended the Weelaunee forest and prevented the construction of a massive police training compound. On January 18, the Atlanta Police Department murdered Tortuguita, a leader of the resistance, during a violent raid to clear the defenders encampment. Two weeks after murdering Tortuguita, the final permits for Cop City were approved.

We stand with the people of Atlanta and honor Tortuguita. Cop City will never be built.

The movement to Defend the Atlanta Forest has called for a week of solidarity actions from February 19-26th, and for a Mass Mobilization in Atlanta March 4th-11th. We need to let the Atlanta Police Department, their foundation backers, the contractors and all the financiers behind this project know that this project is doomed.

Join the informational webinar to learn more about how to support this movement.

On February 9th, 8PM EST/7pm CST/6pm MST/5pm PST, the movement to Defend the Atlanta Forest is hosting No Cop City Anywhere, Defend the Forest Everywhere,. Join this informational webinar to hear from forest defenders and abolitionists to hear about what’s happening on the ground in Atlanta in the Weelaunee Forest, how you can join the upcoming Week of Solidarity Actions and the Mass Mobilization in Atlanta.

No Cop City Anywhere. Defend the Forest Everywhere.

ACT: Tell the Atlanta Police Foundation: Stop Cop City!

The Atlanta Police Foundation (APF) is trying to build the largest police training facility in the US (also known as Cop City) in the Weelaunee Forest, an urban forest in southeast Atlanta, GA. The forest in Southeast Atlanta is home to wetlands that filter rainwater and prevent flooding and plays an important role of climate resiliency in the region.

Tell the Atlanta Police Foundation: Stop Cop City!

After it was stolen from the Muscogee Creek people, it was a plantation in the 1800s and a prison farm in the 1900s. Today, it is surrounded by a Black community that overwhelmingly opposes the project. It remains hallowed ground.

The Cop City plans include a 400 acre military-grade training facility that includes a mock city to practice urban warfare, dozens of shooting ranges, and a Black Hawk helicopter landing pad. Police from all over the country will be training there. The city began planning it in response to the 2020 uprisings.

Forest defenders and community activists have courageously resisted Cop City since 2021 with protest, tree-sits, sabotage and pressure campaigns against politicians, construction contractors and the APF’s corporate sponsors.

Tell the Atlanta Police Foundation: Stop Cop City !

The goal of the campaign has been to stop the deforestation of this sacred urban forest. Two weeks ago, forest defender, comrade and friend Tortuguita was murdered by Georgia police when they carried out a violent raid of encampments in the Weelaunee Forest.

The Atlanta Police Foundation is the biggest supporter and funder of Cop City. We’re demanding that APF’s board cancel Cop City and resign immediately.

We need you to join us in taking action and tell the Atlanta Police Foundation to stop Cop City!

With love and rage in our hearts.

Podcast: Documents Show How Police Charged Atlanta Forest Defenders with “Domestic Terrorism” w/ Alleen Brown

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Last week, we spoke with a local Atlanta organizer about the tragic murder of Atlanta forest defender Tortuguita by Georgia State Police. We’re following up today with more on the state’s war against Stop Cop City organizing.

Listen in: https://bit.ly/3JpJEhA

Since December, 19 forest defenders have been charged with “domestic terrorism” under a 2017 Georgia anti-terror law. The law originally intended for mass shootings in the wake of white supremacist Dylann Roof’s massacre at a black Charleston, SC church. It was later expanded to include crimes against property and target protest on the left. Georgia authorities are now using it to enhance low level crimes in the Atlanta forest defense campaign.

In this episode, Scott talks with environmental journalist Alleen Brown (@AlleenBrown) about the troubling use of the law and her recent article on the matter in Grist.

Rising Tide Statement on Tortuguita’s Murder: In Solidarity with Atlanta’s Forest Defenders

Rising Tide North America statement on the murder of Tortuguita by the police in Atlanta, Georgia:

“The news has spread around the country and around the world. On the morning of January 18, police began an attack on the Weelaunee Forest in south Atlanta. In this assault, they shot and killed Cami Teran, known by friends in the movement to defend the forest as Tortuguita.

Tortuguita, remembered by many as “fierce and loving,” was a Black and Indigenous anarchist. Their life was spent seeking a world without prisons and without police where people could care for each other and be in relationship with the natural world. This moving rememberance shares just a small part of their spirit and their story.

The Atlanta Police Foundation wants to clear hundreds of acres of forest to build a massive training facility that would include a mock city and be a site for police forces from across the country to come train in urban warfare.  Tortuguita was part of the movement to protect the Atlanta forest and stop this project.  The movement is centered in Atlanta and includes community groups, forest defenders, lawyers, activists fighting gentrification, racism, and police brutality, and neighbors of the forest. But the movement is not only in Atlanta. Everywhere that police oppress indigenous people to protect pipelines, everywhere that forests are cleared, everywhere that profit and control are valued more than life, this movement resonates. The struggle in Atlanta is all of our struggle.

You can learn more about this movement and how communities in Atlanta and around the country are responding in recent reports from Democracy Now and Rolling Stone. Police would like to blame their brutality on Tortuguita and their fellow forest defenders. There must be an independent investigation of Tortuguita’s murder.

Our hearts are filled with love, sorrow, and rage in solidarity with all those grieving their death.

If you are moved to gather or act in Tortuguita’s memory, vigils are planned in many towns and cities through the weekend. If there is nothing planned near you, organize something with your friends and invite your communities. Support the people arrested in the raid. The outpouring of love and solidarity feeds those grieving and gathering in Atlanta as they care for each other in coming days and weeks.

Here are some other ways to support the movement from the statement in Solidarity with the movement to stop Cop City & defend the Weelaunee Forest, endorsed by RTNA:

  • Donate to the Atlanta Solidarity Fund to support legal costs for arrested protestors and ongoing legal action.
  • Call on investors in the project to divest from Cop City (list of APF investors). Call on builders of the project to drop their construction contracts.
  • Organize political solidarity bail funds, forest defense funds, and forest defense committees where you live.
  • Organize or participate in local solidarity actions.
  • Endorse and circulate this statement of solidarity.”