Anti-mountaintop removal mining activist recieving death threats from coal company thugs

Maria Gunnoe is a long time activist in the coalfields resisting mountaintop removal coal mining. Her and her family were nearly killed by flooding caused by a nearby strip mine several years ago. The flooding ended up washing away over 5 acres of her land which has been in her family for generations. In the wake of a recent court injunction against a new mine permit near her homestead, Maria has received several death threats. These are to be taken seriously, resistors in the coalfields have had there pets killed, houses burned, and attempts on their lives from coal company thugs. Below is her account of what happened

from Maria:

On September the 19th we (OVEC members) had a meeting on the proposed valley fill that Jupiter Coal company wants to put in Dry Branch hollow in Bim, WV. This meeting was to help to engage local people in legal battle to stop a proposed valley fill in Dry Branch Hollow. The meeting was held in a community building in Wharton WV, near my home, that I had rented for the evening in OVEC’s name. The meeting was due to start at 6:00 and around 5:30 the workers from Jupiter Coal Company started gathering in the parking lot. Within 15 minutes the workers had filled the parking lot blocking any areas for any community members to park so instead of coming to the meeting they had no choice but to pass by.

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BP Executive Pied as Europe’s Largest Biofuels Event Disrupted

BP Executive Pied as Europe’s Largest Biofuels Event Disrupted


Date: 17th October, 2007
Embargo: Immediate Release
CONTACT: 07880 937 511
Newark Showground, Newark, Nottinghamshire

This morning a group of 15 climate change activists from protest group Food Not Fuel entered the BioFuel Expo & Conference taking place at the Newark Showground and took over the keynote speech. Oliver Mace, CEO of BP Fuels, the lead sponsors of the event received a cream pie in the face. Another campaigner was D-locked to the podium and various alarms were placed around the place. The hall was emptied and talks were cancelled. There were no arrests.

They were protesting against planned expansion of biofuels citing its contribution to deforestation and the fact that it will continue to contribute to climate change. The activists complained that biofuels on a large scale is greenwash and companies such as BP are ignoring its negative impacts on the environment.

Protester Michelle Lynch said, “What they are promoting is a replacement to fossil fuels, but the reality is that they are little better. Large scale plantations are not the solution; reducing our consumption is the only realistic way forward.”

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Mass Arrests of Indigenous and Environmental Activists in Aotearoa (NZ)

A story of serious government repression in Aotearoa (aka New Zealand). The media there is reporting that organizers from the non-violent direct action campaign to stop coal mining at Happy Valley on Aotearoa’s southern island are among the arrestees.

17 activists arrested, denied bail. 300+ Police raid houses across the country
15 Oct 2007

Aotearoa Indymedia (New Zealand)

In a wave of massive state repression, 300+ Police, in many cases armed, raided houses around the country today making 17 arrests. Search warrants were carried out in Auckland, Whakatane, Ruatoki, Hamilton, Palmerston North, Wellington and Christchurch. Police are also seeking up to 60 people for questioning. The arrestees are all activists in the Tino Rangatiratanga, peace and environmental movements.

Prominent Tino Rangatiratanga activist Tame Iti was among the first arrested at his home at 4am Monday morning. At 6am raids were carried out at A Space Inside anarchist social centre in Auckland [ Search Warrant ] and the 128 activist Community Centre in Wellington [ Video of police raid ]. In Tuhoe Country, the town of Ruatoki was blockaded by armed police for several hours, with no cars allowed in and many searched, including a school bus full of children.

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Rising Tide UK: 23 actions against the “Oil” Bank of Scotland and counting

From Edinburgh to Cornwall, blockades to invisible theatre, RBS has felt the sting today. As of 5PM on Monday, we’ve heard of 23 actions so far with more expected to still come in. Read on, check back soon, and let us know if you’ve done something in your area! And a huge well done to all involved!

Edinburgh RBS HQ: Campaigners from Edinburgh University People and Planet group held a demonstration outside the RBS national headquarters on St. Andrew’s Street, giving out information to customers, holding banners and placards, and waving oil covered hands. Photos and full report:

Also in Edinburgh: The locks of the main entrances to at least six Edinburgh RBS branches were glued shut last night, and all of them had to have the locks replaced today.

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