Take Action Against TXU’s 11 Proposed Coal Plants! Feb. 21 Nationwide

Rising Tide North America encourages you to join Rainforest Action Network
and allies opposed to the new "coal rush" for a day of action across the
country to stop TXU. The targets of this day of action are the lead
financial arrangers of dirty coal development - telling the banks "Stop
Funding TXU's Dirty Energy� and "No New Coal Plants�. The actions will
demand that Merrill Lynch, Citigroup, Morgan Stanley and others stop
funding TXU's dirty coal plants and push them to support clean, renewable
energy. If TXU can't get the $11 billion loans for this project - then
the project is sunk. Let the banks know that they can't bank on climate

Feb. 21 actions are confirmed in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles,
Washington D.C., Boston and more! To get involved and download free
materials, handouts, and signs visit:


--What is TXU and their dirty plan?--

Dallas-based utilities company TXU is proposing to build 11 new pulverized
coal-fired power plants in the country's leading carbon polluter, Texas.
These new plants would:

* More than double TXU's carbon dioxide (CO2) output, increasing it by a
massive 78 million tons of CO2 per year.
* Be the equivalent of 14 million new cars on the highways
* Put more emissions out than 21 US states
* Negate Japan's commitment to the Kyoto Protocol
* Impose costs of at least $6.6 billion a year (with CO2 estimated costs
at $85 a tone) over 50 years
* Lock-in a new generation of old-school power plant technology
* Take us in the opposite direction of any reasonable climate progress.

On February 14, over 1,000 people rallied in Austin, Texas to demonstrate
opposition against TXU's push for 11 new coal plants. A number of groups
have challenged TXU within the political and regulatory spheres. A broad
and diverse collection of individuals and groups have come together to try
and stop the plants including over twenty Texas municipalities, state
legislative leaders, religious organizations, and local and national
environmental groups.

TXU is seeking $11 billion in financing from the world's largest banks to
build its polluting coal power plants. Help make sure that the bankers on
Wall Street and around the world know that they should consider TXU a "No
Go Project.�

Check out http://dirtymoney.org/txu/ for more info

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