Rising Tide Spring 2007 Roadshow

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This spring, Rising Tide will bring the global struggle for climate justice to the belly of the beast, connecting the dots between the overarching crisis of climate change and the grassroots struggles of communities resisting the fossil fuel industry’s assault on their land and culture. Through partnering with local environmental and climate justice organizations in each region, we seek to amplify the voices of those most affected by climate change and the fossil fuel industry, boosting support for these revolutions on the local level and creating a culture of solidarity across lines of race, class and gender.

Consumer capitalism and the climate-disrupting fossil fuel industries that power it are committing ecocide and genocide on a level unprecedented in human history, destroying not only entire cultures, mountains, and rivers, but the very life-support systems of the planet. The question before us is, what are we going to do about it? The possibilities for action are infinite and as diverse as all our combined ideas and desires. Two mutually-beneficial strategies that we will explore on the roadshow are: sparking and supporting local struggles against fossil fuel infrastructure, and building real, sustainable alternatives that foster community and decrease our dependence on the industries and institutions destroying the planet.

The Spring Roadshow will take a popular education approach to organizing and agitating for climate justice, employing music, participatory games and multi-media to foment life-affirming resistance. In addition to offering a “main event”, we are available for longer tour stops of up to a few days to do more in-depth workshops on direct action, anti-oppression, gaia theory/climate science, strategic campaigning, rebel clown army, food sovereignty, radical mental health, climate change resistance and ecodefense in Oceania, and the consensus decision-making process. Other trainings may be available depending on the tour date and location – let us know if you have specific ideas or needs.

We want to hear from you! Are you engaged in a climate-related campaign or community project and would like to work with us on a tour stop or two in your area? Can you host a tour stop in your town? Get in touch at contact@risingtidenorthamerica.org.

Note: we define “climate-related” in a broad sense. Work around food sovereignty, preserving and restoring ecosystems, indigenous rights, mining, power plants, environmental justice, bikes, and energy production/consumption are all important pieces of the climate web. We also believe that climate change can only be addressed by exposing the intersections between the oppression of humans and the earth. The people hardest hit by climate-induced natural disasters have been and will continue to be those most disenfranchised by our society and least responsible for the emission of greenhouse gases: the poor, women, and people of color. RTNA is committed to challenging all forms of oppression in our organizing.

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